Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Clefairy Outbreaks – Dates, Times, & Locations

In honor of the full moon, Clefairy are gathering in mass in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, so now’s your chance to catch one

Field of Clefairy Pokemon Violet

Screenshot via Gamepur

The fairy Pokemon Clefairy has always had a bit of magical mystery to it and is known to gather under the full moon. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are honoring this lore by adding Clefairy mass outbreaks to the game in honor of today’s full moon. In Scarlet & Violet, mass outbreaks are when you see a large number of the same Pokemon gathered in the same place, which means your chance of catching them is greatly increased.

If you want to catch some Clefairy and do some Shiny Clefairy hunting, this in-game event is a great time to do it. As an added bonus, these celebrating Clefairy are more likely to have the Upbeat Mark due to the festivities. The Shiny rate for Clefairy will not increase during the event, though having more opportunities to find a Pokemon does make it more likely you’ll come across its Shiny version.

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When Will We See Clefairy Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Clefairy in Pokemon Violet
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Pokemon announced that we will see increased mass outbreaks of Clefairy from September 29th-October 1st during this month’s full moon. The event began at 0:00 UTC on September 29th and will continue through 23:59 UTC on October 1st, which means you can hop into the game right now to hunt for Clefairy.

Where to Catch Clefairy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Clefairy Map With Pokedex(1)
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Normally, you can only find Clefairy in the Kitakami region from the Teal Mask DLC for Scarlet & Violet. However, during the mass outbreak event Clefairy will also appear in Paldea for a limited time. This means you have good odds of running into a cluster of Clefairy as you explore either of these region in the game.

Mass outbreaks of Clefairy are set to occur in all areas of both the Kitakami and Paldea regions in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you don’t have the Teal Mask DLC that grants you access to the Kitakami region, this is a rare chance to catch a Clefairy.

How to Find a Mass Clefairy Outbreak in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Clefairy Map No Pokedex
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Mass outbreaks will show up on your in-game map, so it’s relatively easy to track them down.

If you haven’t previously caught Clefairy in Scarlet & Violet, you will see a question mark on the map with little sparkles around it. If you have caught Clefairy before in the Kitakami region, you will see a picture of Clefairy on your map indicating there’s currPokemon Scarlet & Violet: Teal Mask DLC Version Exclusivesently a mass outbreak of that Pokemon in the area.

How To Participate in the Full Moon Clefairy Outbreak Event

Poke Poral News
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To take part in the Clefairy catching during this event, first make sure your version of the game is fully up-to-date. This event is available whether or not you have the Hidden Treasures of Area Zero: Teal Mask DLC, but you do need to have the most current version of Scarlet & Violet on your Switch.

To ensure that you’re able to participate in the event, you’ll want to make sure you check the Poke Portal news by going to the Poke Portal menu in your game. Do this by opening the X menu and selecting the Poke Portal. From there, click on Mystery Gift, scroll to the bottom, and select Check Poke Portal News. This will connect you to the internet to download the latest updates, which should make the mass Clefairy outbreaks appear in your game. Once you do this, you should see mass Clefairy outbreaks on your map.

Due to the timing of the event, we’ve only got a day to catch as many Clefairy as possible before they leave the Paldea region altogether and become less common in Kitakami. So if you need to add this fairy Pokemon to your Pokedex, what are you waiting for?