Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Claim Free Mew

Claim your Mew!

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If you’ve been looking for a Mew to claim in the most modern Pokemon games, you’re in luck. Mew just became a gift from the Pokemon Center to you or anyone else that has a copy of the newest Pokemon titles in the lineup: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Work alongside some of the most powerful Psychic-type Pokemon out there in the latest event in Pokemon’s 9th Generation of gameplay.

As part of the Get Mew & Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle event, Mew is making an appearance in the Paldea Region, facing off against an old rival with you by their side. Starting today, players can claim Mew in their copy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for free, just as long as they have the proper code to do so in their Mystery Gift menu.

How To Claim Your Free Mew in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Image via GameFreak

To claim your free Mew in either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet, first boot up the game and ensure that you’re connected to the internet. To claim your Mew, use the code: GETY0URMEW in the Mystery Gift Menu in-game. Unlike previous giveaways involving Mew, the Mew you’ll receive is unique, right down to the Tera Type, Nature, and moves.

Here’s how to claim your free Mew in Pokemon Scarlet & Viole:

  • Click the X button while in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to open the menu
  • From this menu, open Poke Portal
  • At the bottom of the selections, click Mystery Gift
  • Click “Check Mystery Gifts”
  • Type in the redemption code GETY0URMEW

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This Mew is the natural rival to the Mewtwo that you’ll see during the Get Mew & Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle Event. If you grab it soon, you can train your Mew in preparation for the Tera Raid Battle Event that starts September 1st.