How to Skip the Catching Tutorial in Pokemon Sword and Shield


The chances are that you have played a Pokémon game and know the basics, such as catching a wild Pokémon and filling in the Pokédex. It has been officially confirmed that the tutorial on how to catch a wild Pokémon can be skipped! For veterans who grew up with the series, this is a massive welcome as most of us know how to catch a Pokémon.

How to Skip the Catching Tutorial in Pokemon Sword and Shield

According to GameSpot, you can skip the catching tutorial once you have chosen Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble and talk to your mother. After talking to her, she will give you Pokédollars and five Poké Balls. Once you leave and venture outside, you will be able to encounter some Pokémon.

You will then encounter your rival Hop and his older brother Leon, the current Pokémon League champion in the Galar region. Once you talk to Leon, he will comment on how you have already captured some Pokémon before encountering him and then move on to the next subject in the conversation. If you have not caught any Pokémon, then he will put you through the tutorial instead.

Overall, once you get your preferred starter, go ahead a catch some Pokémon, and that will ensure you from going over the tutorial for the billionth time. Compared to Pokémon Sun and Moon’s needlessly long tutorial, Game Freak has improved for fans who have been playing since the beginning with Pokémon Red and Blue.