How To Pre-order Pokemon Sword And Shield, And Its Double Pack


Nintendo Direct has told us all about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games. With a release date of November 15, you might be thinking about pre-ordering your copy (or copies), today. In this guide, we will run through how to pre-order the games.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Preorder Guide

One of the easiest ways to pre-order Pokemon Sword and Shield is via the Pokemon website. It acts as a central hub, and you can pick the version you wish to pre-order, and it will then give you links to the various retailers who will be stocking it.

If you would prefer direct links to retailers, you can find them below for both versions of the game. Both Amazon and Best buy are currently doing a deal where you will get $10 back on your pre-order. To receive the credit, you must be an Amazon Prime member or a member of the Best Buy club.

Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack

The Double Pack can also be pre-ordered from the Nintendo website, and will cost $199.99. I will add individual retailer links, and any information on deals, as soon as they become available.