Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon To Catch & Train During Adventures Abound Season

Get those Paldea mons!

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Pokemon GO seasons are a way to emphasize different Pokemon in the Dex, whether they be new releases to the mobile game or just some Pokemon that deserve a spotlight. While it’s not a Spotlight proper, there are still ways to strategize your catching game so that you can stay on top of the most trending Pokemon that may be appearing right at your door.

In this article, we’ll review a few Pokemon you can expect to see more of during the Adventures Abound Season, and why it would be a good idea to have powered-up versions of them later on down the line.

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Sprigatito is one of the first Pokemon you’ll meet from Paldea, and depending on your choice with the Professor, may appear more often than the others. Regardless of which starter you choose, you’ll likely see all three wandering around in the world, ready to be caught. Sprigatito is a good choice mostly because of its high Special Attack and typing. It can take down bulky Psychic types, and has good coverage in general stats-wise once it reaches its final evolution.


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Fuecoco is another starter from Paldea that you’ll be introduced to at the start with the Professor. The crocodillian Fire type is a cute little guy, but don’t let that fool you into believing it’s weak. Fully evolved, it becomes Skeledirge, a Fire Ghost type with a cry that sounds similar to a foghorn. With this kind of typing and gratuitous attack at your side, Gengar don’t stand a chance when guarding Gyms.


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Quaxly is the final starter for Paldea, sporting a sailor boy look with his cute little water bubble hat and squeaky clean appearance. It evolves into Quaquaval, which is a zesty Fighting Water type. If you find yourself in need of more physical attackers for your Go adventures, this Pokemon is a splendid choice. It’ll appear more often during the season, so catching it regularly will only increase your flexibility for team management.


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While Skwovet may seem to be your average Route 1 mouse-mon, what it evolves into is a defensive wall that you won’t want to pass up. There are tons of Pokemon from Galar that aren’t in Pokemon Go yet, which is a shame, but at least we have some of the good defensive ones available. If you haven’t trained a Skwovet before, you should know it evolves into Greedent, one of the bulkier Normal types in the Galar PokeDex. This makes it great for defending Gyms, especially if you can get one with a high CP.

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Wobbuffet is one of the Pokemon emphasized by the Adventures Abound season, and generally a great bulky Pokemon to have on your roster for defending Gyms. With Psychic typing, it’s actually a stealthier choice for defense since casual players may not know what type it is just from appearances alone. If they were to make a critical mistake thinking it’s a Normal type, they’d be unfortunately at a disadvantage. Fighting-type moves may do great against Normal types, but against a Psychic wall like Wobbuffet, it would hardly make a scratch.


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If you’re looking for more Pokemon to cover your Gym bases with, consider the humble Wooloo. This is another Galar-mon that we’re happy to have around, despite the lack of the rest of the dex in the equation. It’s fluffy, cute, and evolves into an even more defensive mon with enough stats to make any Gym raid a challenge. The only weakness it has is being the Normal type, which means Fighting types will always be an enemy to watch out for.

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There are plenty of Dragon-types out there that have legendary stats, but none as cute as Goomy. This little blob is actually a powerhouse, once it evolves, anyway. The stats on Goomy are impressive even during its first stage evolution, and because it appears more often during this season, investing your time and PokeBalls into this creature can be overwhelmingly rewarding. Having a Goodra at your disposal is good for both attack on defense.