Princess Connect! Re: Dive reroll guide

Gacha goodness.

As a gacha game, Princess Connect! Re: Dive will give you the opportunity to roll for characters. It’s a common strategy in games like this to find a way to reroll your initial characters. Most of the games have a way of introducing you to the gacha system with a free roll, so you can learn the mechanic. Rerolling means resetting the game to do this over and over until you get a character you want.

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive, it is actually very easy to do. Follow the below steps and you will find rerolling doesn’t take very long at all.

  • Download and install the game, then start it up.
  • Don’t sign in via any account when it asks you to, just hit cancel.
  • Select the option to skip the dialogue download, and select the standard animations option to speed up the overall download.
  • Play the tutorial, and wait until you reach the first pull.
  • Make your first gacha pull and see what character you got.
  • Check your daily rewards, grab your free currency, then make as many pulls as you can.
  • If you are happy with the characters link your account through the settings menu.
  • If not, uninstall, reinstall, and start the process again.

Now then, you might be wondering what characters you should actually be chasing after. This depends slightly on what you are looking for, as different characters have different strengths. It’s a star-based rating system that goes up to five stars, but you can only pull up to a 3-star rating from the Gacha system. You can have any character reach 5-stars through ascending them, so never write off a character just because of their star rating; their overall kit is more important.

It’s a good idea to think about characters that will serve you well in the early game and worry less about PvP or dungeons until you are further into the game. Makoto, Saren, Miyako, Shiori, Kuuka, Suzuna, Kaori, Monika, Hatsune, and Maho are really solid pulls. If you get any of them, you can happily start the game knowing you are off to a great start.