PS5 Access Controller: Features, Customization, Release Date & Price

Sony is building the Access Controller to make PlayStation 5 accessible to more people, creating features never seen before.


Image via Sony

Sony’s Project Leonardo has finally been given an official name, and the company has detailed what the controller can do to make gaming on PlayStation much more accessible. The PlayStation 5 Access Controller, as it’s now officially called, has hundreds of customizable parts and should make gaming on PS5 possible for many who’ve been struggling with the DualSense controller since launch.

This guide covers everything PlayStation fans need to know about Access Controller, from its features to costs, release date, and much more.

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All PS5 Access Controller Features

Image via Sony

Sony laid out all the details for the PS5 Access Controller in a PS Blog post, including how buttons can be swapped, mount placement, programmable positioning, and much more. The controller is a huge leap forward for the company in no small part because it has been built in collaboration with the accessibility community.

The Access Controller for PlayStation 5 is versatile. The base unit is a circular controller with a joystick on a secondary part that juts out from the main piece where the buttons are located. Everything can be changed to suit the needs of the player, including the face plates of the buttons, what each button does, where the joystick is, how close the joystick is to the buttons, and what position the PS5 assumes the controller is in. For example, the joystick can rotate to be placed where a user needs it, and buttons can be changed to suit that position, regardless of if that’s faceplates on the physical device or inputs within its settings.

To put it into easy-to-understand terms, Access Controller is a mouse and keyboard for a PS5. Everything can be changed to make it work within the user’s abilities, whether it needs to take all inputs from a single hand, voice commands through third-party peripherals, or anything else. There are four auxiliary ports where other accessories can be plugged in, meaning there’s no need to stop using other controllers or gaming devices that someone is used to — they can enhance what the PS5 Access Controller does.

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Access Controller can work in tandem with the DualSense, allowing players to toggle sprint or other actions by holding L3 and interacting with other accessories thanks to four auxiliary ports. The sheer potential for customization in PS5 Access Controller shows how seriously Sony has taken it, and opening it up to work with the devices people may already be using only makes it a more viable option for accessible gaming.

PS5 Access Controller UI & Customization

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Sony has provided a first look at the UI for the PS5 Access Controller. As players might expect, every button can be programmed to do something different. Profiles can be created so that many players can use the same controller and switch to the one that suits their needs in no time.

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Multiple PS5 Access Controllers can even be used in conjunction with DuanSelse controllers, making it possible to have inputs where needed, creating an almost limitless number of setups that should make gaming far more accessible to many. A toggle mode that swaps what buttons do adds to this, making it possible to build profiles that a user can switch between on the go for when they’re playing a game with running, driving, shooting, and everything else expansive open worlds might include. All a player would need to do is jump into a car and hold a button, such as L3, to swap to the driving profile.

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For users, this means that one controller can serve many people. Creating a profile, set up to an individual’s specific needs, will take time. However, users can swap profiles once it’s done to allow anyone to play using the controller. These profiles can be adapted over time depending on what other accessories are combined with the device. So if a user wanted to swap positions and mount the controller on the opposite side of their chair, that’s entirely possible and easy to account for in these settings.

What is the Release Date for the PS5 Access Controller?

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There’s no release date for the PS5 Access Controller at the time of writing. However, fans can sign up for updates from Sony directly to be the first to hear about a release date and pricing. This controller is a huge step forward, not just for accessibility in gaming but for Sony. Microsoft has been leading the charge in making gaming more accessible with its modular controller, but with the addition of Access Controller, the options for those that need these accessories are only getting better.

PS5 Access Controller Price

Sony hasn’t revealed any details about the price of the PS5 Access Controller. It’s impossible to say how much it will cost, but even once the price has been confirmed, many purchasing routes should allow most people who need one to get theirs.