PUBG Faction Warmode – Rules, loadouts, and more

Parachute into the new PUBG labs game mode.

PUBG has released a new LABS mode titled Faction Warmode. PUBG Labs is an experimental system utilized by PUBG to try out new game features and modes before they’re ready for regular matches. Faction Warmode is currently available for players to test out.

What is Faction Warmode?

Faction Warmode is a team vs team (8v8) match that plays on the map Sanhok. In Warmode, you’re able to form your own eight-person party before jumping in, so be sure to round-up your friends. In preparation for the game mode, you choose your own ‘Spawn Kits’ that each has its personalized loadout. The mission is to work together with your team to earn points by eliminating enemies within the map zone. Faction Warmode draws comparisons to the Team Deathmatch mode available to play within the Arcade mode of PUBG.

Game mode rules

  • Choose from 4 available weapon spawn kits/loadouts.
  • Respawns are enabled, players respawn from the plane upon death
  • Kills earn 3 points, knocks and revives earn 1 point each, friendly fire resulting in knocking or death is -5 points.
  • The first team to reach 200 points, or the team with the highest score after 15 minutes wins.
  • Red zones, care packages, flare funs, and vehicles are all disabled.
  • You can invite friends and queue together as a group.
  • Played in third-person perspective or first-person perspective
  • Each match takes place in a safe zone on the map, inside a static blue zone.

Spawn kits load-outs

Image via PUBG Twitter
  • Assault – M416, R1895, level 1 vest/helmet, ammo, bandages
  • Medic  UMP, sawed-off, level 3 vest/helmet, ammo, first aid kit, med Kit, painkillers, adrenaline syringe, critical response kit
  • Medic  UMP, sawed-off, level 3 vest/helmet, ammo, first aid kit, med kit, painkillers, adrenaline syringe, critical response kit
  • Support – S12K, skorpion, level 2 vest/helmet, ammo, frag grenade, bandages
  • Scout – Kar98K (4x Scope), P18C, level 1 vest/helmet, ghillie suit, ammo, bandages