Best Tips To Manage Inventory In PUBG

Inventory Management in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds plays a vital role along with the Guns you chose to play. Well if you are New to PUBG then you might make a mistake of completely filling you Inventory with all unwanted items and making your Backpack heavy. It is very necessary to know What to Carry? How many Bullets to carry? Which gun should be in which slot? As all this will make you a champion in the Game. In this guide, we have mentioned the Best tips to keep you Inventory manage at all times. So let’s start the guide with no further ado.

Best Tips For Inentory Management

Inventory Management Tips Every PUBG Players Must Know

Best Picking up Style:

  • Just simply walk to the Crate or the Pile of the item and quickly drag the items that you need. By this method, you will hardly take 2-3 sec per pile. Don’t bend down and look, as you might get killed.
  • Before looting a create keep in mind what you need, because many players die while looting as they take a lot of time to pick items. Try to pick the Ammo, Scope and any other gun that you need at first and then other items and quickly make your way out from there.

Only Keep What You Need:

  • Try to keep you Inventory as light as possible when you are not in a battle.
  • Loot your enemies body as quickly as you can.
  • Try to loot all the Good stuff at the earliest and then get a cover to manage what you need and throw what is not required.
  • While you are late in the game try to keep only the necessary things and drop all the unwanted items. Cut down your bullets for other unwanted guns. Like Pistol and its ammo, it is useless in the end part.
  • Make sure you only pick up unwanted stuff from the Ground if you are planning to drop them somewhere else. As this can be a great strategy to not let other players have items and only you will know which item is where.
  • The amount of weight that affects you is been denoted by a small white bar, next to the Backpack, so do keep this in mind as well.
  • Try to Set a Dedicated button for Split. This will help you to quickly drop items.

Try to be unpredictable for the Second Slot of Weapon:

  • For example, having a Shotgun in the Second slot will make you more deadly in close range and having a Sniper will let you attack from distance. As if you miss the shoot and feel that the player is coming after you, you can easily kill them with a surprise by switching your guns.


  • Don’t carry more than 200 bullets for Assault Rifles, 50 Bullets for Snipers and well if you have a Pistol then approx 30 bullets should be more than enough.
  • If you are not going to use Grenades then don’t Carry them as they take a lot of your Inventory space.


  • Don’t carry more than 15 bandages if you have got 1 or more First-Aid kits and if you have more than 5 First-Aid kits then don’t carry any bandages at all.

Be Smart:

  • Smartly Manage the Items that you have with the rest of your team members, by distributing the Extra gears that you have or anyone who might be in need.
  • Also, ask if any of you mates need medic or ammo and help as this will help the team to be one.

So that’s all for the best tips on Inventory Management in PUBG. Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any other tip for Inventory management. Stay tuned for more updates on PUBG. Also, make sure to read our PUBG WIKI for more tips on the game.