PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass 1-100 RP rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 17 is based on Runic Power theme.

Image via PUBG Corp.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 update has been rolled out officially and will be downloaded automatically on the game’s loading screen. The update has unlocked the RP section of the game by introducing the latest royale pass, and the ranks of players have also been reset according to their tier in previous seasons.

Along with this, a whole new lineup of exclusive rewards has been added to royale pass, and players can level up by completing various missions and challenges. We have listed down all the free and paid royale pass rewards below:

  • Faceless Clown Set and Resplendent Dawn – UZI: Unlock at RP 1
  • Faceless Clown Headgear: Unlocks at RP 5
  • Resplendent Dawn Ornament: Unlocks at RP 10
  • Royale Pass Avatar (Season 17) and RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 15
  • Resplendent Dawn Helmet and Shoulder Dance emote: Unlock at RP 20
  • Party King emote and RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 25
  • Deadly Sickle Grenade Deadly Sickle Parachute: Unlock at RP 30
  • RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 35
  • Dayman Airplane: Unlocks at RP 40
  • RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 45
  • Teal Terror – Vector and Deadly Sickle – Sickle: Unlock at RP 50
  • Royale Pass Avatar Frame (S17): Unlock at RP 55
  • Resplendent Dawn Set or Deadly Sickle Set: Unlock at RP 60
  • Resplendent Dawn Backpack: Unlocks at RP 70
  • Guardian Armor Avatar (S17): Unlocks at RP 75
  • Guardian Armor: Unlocks at RP 80
  • RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 85
  • Guardian Armor – M16A4: Unlocks at RP 90
  • RP Badge (S17): Unlocks at RP 90
  • Guardian Armor Set: Unlocks at RP 100