PUBG Vikendi Map Tips & Tricks To Survive And Win

 PUBG Vikendi Map Tips & Tricks  To Survive And Win

Vikendi map in PUBG brings a cold hard world with tons of new locations to explore. If you are new or looking for some common tips you can read our Tips and Tricks guide that will offer you some vital points on surviving. Also, you can learn what are the important things to do and avoid if you are navigating through Vikendi Map to the center.

PUBG Vikendi Tips & Tricks

Some instant tips that will help you to play in Vikendi Map of PUBG that takes you to a never-ending battle in a distant snowy world.

Ghillie Suit:

You can find the famous ghillie suit in almost every drop, use the white one. It makes you completely invisible on the snow when you are crawling. So once you have the suit finds a good place to snipe and lie down. It is next to impossible for any player to spot you.


There is a lot of snow on Vikendi, and one of the easiest ways anyone can notice you is by your foot prints. You can also do the same to track someone down, so do look before you leap. If there are footprints, explore the region with caution. The same is applicable to snowmobile and vehicle tire footprints.

High Spots for Sniping:

Getting at the high point is necessary in Vikendi map, the faster you reach a high point the easier you can spot other players. You can track their location and kill them without getting much damage. There are lots of rocks around you can climb up and secure your place. Whenever you hear a bullet sound try locating the nearest rock or mountain and get a high point. You can read our guide on Best Sniping Locations to know more.


It is the fastest moving vehicle on snow, so if you want to cover a long distance use this one, but avoid using it on roads and grass. It runs really fast on snow, it is an ideal vehicle to escape. Avoid using cars on ice, it will drift a lot.

Don’t Neglect Smaller Areas:

If you are fighting in a group avoid going into large areas, the best is to go with smaller ones. Clean the area and take the loots. Bigger areas like Cement Factory has a lot of objects around that will make hard for your teammates to spot everyone. Also, your group can become an easy target.

If you had played the game enough then it won’t be complicated for you to ace Vikendi. There are certain drop locations that can offer you ideal loot, read our guide on Best Drop Locations for more details.