Rage 2: All Ark Locations

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Rage 2 gives you tons of cool weapons and powers to play around with as you cruise through the wasteland, but you’ll have to earn them first. Throughout the world, you’ll find massive pre-apocalypse structures called Arks, which hold the old world’s greatest technology. Of course, you can’t expect to just walk through the front door. Most of these Arks are difficult even to find, hidden away in hard-to-reach places or even locked inside buildings. Even once you find them, expect a tough fight to claim them, since you’re not the only one on the lookout for valuable tech.

We’ve written guides to every Ark, which are linked below. And remember, you can always use Focus to help you locate Arks. Just hold the Focus button and look to the sky for the tell-tale streams of color that signify Arks. It’s a great way to find Arks when you know about where they are, but can’t quite zero in on them.

Twisting Canyons Arks

Map showing Quake Hill Ark

Quake Hill ArkReward: Vortex ability

This is the closest Ark to where you start the game, and the easiest to complete. It can be tricky to find if you’re not exploring thoroughly, though. You’ll find it on the southeastern edge of the Twisting Canyons region, through a tunnel at the end of a seaside road. Once you find it, the Ark is unguarded, so just a quick bit of platforming stands between you and your prize, the powerful and fun Vortex ability.

Map showing junkers Pass Ark

Junkers Pass Ark – Reward: Shatter ability

Junkers Pass Ark is also close to where you start but getting in presents a much bigger challenge than Quake Hill Ark. It’s still an easy battle when all things considered, but this early in the game, you’re likely not very well equipped. This Ark is just about dead center of the Twisting Canyons region, close to the road from Vineland to Gunbarrel. You’ll have no trouble finding it, but you’ll have to take out a squad of wastelanders to get in. In return, you’ll get a melee ability that you’ll be using the whole game.

Broken Tract Arks

Map showing Great Crack Ark

Great Crack Ark – Reward: Grav-Jump ability

This Ark is very similar to the previous one, Junkers Pass. It’s almost impossible to miss if you’re following the road to Gunbarrel, and puts just a handful of goons in your way. You’ll find this Ark on a cliff’s edge just over the border from Twisting Canyons to Broken Tract, at the end of a short trench filled with baddies. Grav-Jump is essential when you’re exploring the wasteland, so try to pick this one up early.

Map showing Canyon Cove Ark

Canyon Cove Ark – Reward: Defibrillator

It’s so easy to get to Canyon Cove Ark near the beginning of the game that you might just stumble upon it accidentally, but you’re in for a tough battle if you tackle this one early. You’ll find this Ark close to the road near the southeastern border of Broken Tract. Approaching will put you in the middle of a fight between two rival gangs, so come prepared to fight. If you come out victorious, you’ll get the Defibrillator, which gives you a second chance at life when you fall in battle.

Map showing Spikewind Ark

Spikewind Ark – Reward: Barrier ability

You’ll find Spikewind Ark to the far western part of Broken Tract. Just head toward the windmills you see rising from the hills near the Sekreto Wetlands border. Spikewind Ark is near a fallen windmill, and you’ll find a group of soldiers fighting a well-armed Junkmek outside. Take them down, and you’ll get a handy defensive ability in Barrier.

Torn Plains Arks

Map showing Strongbox Ark

Strongbox Ark – Reward: Smart Rocket Launcher

Strongbox Ark is found in the town of Strongbox, near the center of the Torn Plains region. You’ll have to fight your way through a group of bandits ransacking the town to get in. Make good use of cover and try to turn their explosives against them, and you shouldn’t have too hard of a time. Once you get past them, you’ll earn the Smart Rocket Launcher, one of Rage 2’s most powerful, fun-to-use weapons.

Map showing Earthscar Ark

Earthscar Ark – Reward: Slam ability

Earthscar Ark sits just to the northwest of Strongbox Ark. The Ark itself is on top of a hill, and two groups of bandits are at war outside, so it’s impossible to miss. Take out the bandits while being careful not to get between them, and you’ll get Slam, a massively powerful ability that lets you crush your enemies with a leaping attack. Use it to destroy the bandits who come for you when you leave the Ark, and you should immediately see why it’s so useful.

Sekreto Wetlands Arks

Map showing Dealypipe Ark

Dealypipe Ark – Reward: Rush ability

The reward for finishing this Ark is extremely underwhelming for how difficult it is, but if life isn’t fair, why should this game be different? Dealypipe Ark is wedged into the side of a small hill rising from a waterway, surrounded by ruined buildings, making it tough to see. It’s also guarded by a powerful Junkmek, so finding it is the least of your worries. When you finally get through it, you’ll get the Rush ability, which is basically a super sprint. It’s fairly handy to have, but nothing to get too excited about.

Map showing Dank Catacomb Ark

Dank Catacomb Ark – Reward: Firestorm Revolver

Dank Catacomb Ark is a breeze to find, and not too tough to access, either. You’ll find it in the northwest of the Sekreto Wetlands, not far from the town of Lagooney. A squad of bandits has set up a decent defensive position around it, so come in ready for a fight. When you get through them, you’ll earn yourself the Firestorm Revolver, a weapon that shoots detonating shots that can set targets on fire. It’s not the most versatile weapon in your arsenal, but it’s great for dealing with tightly packed groups, or enemies hiding behind cover.

Dune Sea Arks

Map showing Shrouded Vault Ark

Shrouded Vault Ark – Reward: Charged Pulse Cannon

There’s only one Ark in the Dune Sea, but unlocking it is like a side quest all of its own. You’ll find the Shrouded Vault Ark inside a massive Immortal Shrouded building on the eastern edge of the region. When you first find it, you won’t even be able to open it. To do that, you’ll have to seek out and destroy two nearby power generators, then infiltrate the building and fight your way to the Ark. For all your hard work, you get the Charged Pulse Cannon, a fun weapon that challenges you to maintain its heat level to keep up a rapid-fire stream of powerful energy blasts.

The Wilds Arks

Map showing Needle Falls Ark

Needle Falls Ark – Reward: Grav-Dart Launcher

Needle Falls Ark isn’t too far from Wellspring in the Torn Plains, but it can be a little tricky to get to. It sits on the edge of a cliff amidst a bunch of ruined buildings, making flying from Wellspring in the Icarus the easiest way to reach it. When you get close, an Authority dropship will deliver a couple of enemies to defeat. Take them out, and you can claim the Grav-Dart Launcher, which lets you stick your enemies with glowing needles, then fling that in any direction you choose. It’s not the most efficient weapon in the game, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most fun.

Map showing Greenhaven Ark

Greenhaven Ark – Reward: Hyper-Cannon.

Greenhaven Ark has the highest difficulty rating of any Ark, at level 10. Getting there is tough. It’s way at the top of the map, in the far north of The Wilds, and it sits at the end of a maze of giant white walls filled to the brim with mutants. Flying the Icarus here to skip over all of that is highly recommended, but you’re still in for a challenge. The vicinity of the Ark is filled with mutants and Authority troops, and a Cyber Crusher gets dropped in. You’re in for a tough fight, so hopefully, you’ve picked up some good gear from earlier Arks. The Smart Rocket Launcher, in particular, is a welcome help here.