Rage 2: How to Unlock the Slam Ability

Rage 2: Unlock Slam Ability

Slam is a great offensive ability (or “Id-Accession” in the game’s strange parlance) that will serve you well throughout Rage 2. You can find it in the Earthscar Ark, which is actually one of the most straightforward to access, though you’ll have to drive a long way and fight a pretty tough battle to get in. 

Map of Earthscar Ark

To reach the Earthscar Ark, you’ll have to drive to the central northern part of the Torn Plains. It’s in an area mostly surrounded with what looks like bombed-out housing developments and warehouses, far from any major town, but pretty near lots of side activities. It’s one of the easiest Arks to spot from the road since it sits atop a large hill in an otherwise mostly flat landscape. 

If you somehow miss the giant metal structure sitting on the hill, you’ll definitely notice the few Immortal Shrouded warriors facing off against a large Goon Squad gang outside. This is a tougher battle than this Ark’s level three difficulty rating might suggest, but it shouldn’t give you too much trouble if you approach it the right way. There are far more Goon Squad members than Immortal Shrouded here, and they have a better position, so it’s best to attack them first. If you can, get to the top of the hill near the Ark and fight your way downward. That way you won’t end up trapped between the two armies, it’ll be harder for the Goon Squad to rain grenades down on you, and the clashing forces at the bottom of the hill might thin each other out for you. 

View of Earthscar Ark

Once you’ve taken down all the enemies, climb the hill again and open the Ark to gain the Slam ability. Slam is great for taking on multiple enemies at once, especially if you have the high ground. Using it will launch you into the air, then bring you crashing down with a powerful shockwave. You can even jump and use it in mid-air; in fact, it’s better if you do. Slam hits with more force the higher you are when you activate it, so smart positioning is key to using this ability.

When the tutorial ends, you’ll find another Goon Squad patrol outside the Ark. They’ll be running up the hill at you, so it’s a perfect chance to try out your new ability and take them out before they even know what hit them.

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