Rage 2 – All Fuel Container Locations At Boombox Pitstop


Rage 2 is filled with Pitstops where Bandits refuel their vehicles and head out into the wild to get up to all kinds of mischief. If you find one, you can kill the bandits and destroy their fuel containers. This will earn you cash and experience and will rank you up with one of the games NPCs. Sometimes the fuel containers can be a little hard to find, so in this guide, we show you where to get them all at the Boombox Pitstop.

All Fuel Container Locations At Boombox Pitstop

Boombox Pitstop Map

The first two sets of containers are very easy to spot. One is right under the main overhang at the front of the Pitstop, and the second is on the wall just to the back of it. Make sure you destroy all the containers, as there are multiple containers at each location.

Hidden Fuel Containers #1

Boobox Pitstop Containers

The third set can be found in a small building at the back of the Pitstop, you should notice a roll-up door, with a purple button on the wall beside it. Hit the switch to open the door, but be careful as some enemies are waiting in the room.

Hidden Fuel Containers Location #2

Boombox Pitstop Final Location

The final set is hidden underground. To get access to them, head to a small shed on the left side of the Pitstop (facing in from the street), and you will find another purple switch. Pull the switch and a metal panel in the ground will open up, revealing the last four fuels containers at the Boombox Pitstop.

And that’s it, all the fuel container locations at the Boombox Pitstop! I hope you found this guide helpful.