Rage 2 Character Creation Guide | All Changeable Options

 Rage 2 Character Creation Guide | All Changeable Options

In Rage 2, before you enter the hostile, neon-filled environment of this wild game from id Software and Bethesda, you’re going to choose what character you want to take with you into the world. The game gives you plenty of options to choose from, and it all happens right from the start. Here’s the break down of what you can expect to choose in Rage 2’s character creation, and how much you’re going to be able to change.

Rage 2 Character Creation

Your Character’s Gender

When you first load into the game, you’re going to run through a quick cutscene setting the stage of the game. You’ll learn what’s happened since the first one, and what you can expect to play moving forward. Shortly after the cutscene, you’re going to see two protagonists that you can choose from, and this is when you’re going to select your character’s gender. It’s the first and only option you get with the character creation in Rage 2.

After this point, you’re immediately thrown to grab your character’s essential equipment and then you’re going through several series of cutscenes as the opening of the game opens up. You will not have another opportunity to change your character’s appearance. You cannot change the Walker’s, the main style, hair, eyes, skin tone, voice, or anything about their standard build. The only option you’re going to get is to choose what gender Walker is, male or female.

You can, however, change your character’s choice of armor as you progress through the game and your weapon’s skins. The easiest way to acquire these weapons skins is to purchase them through the game’s premium store. There are four options available to you, for those who wish to buy the game’s premium currency, RAGE coins. Unfortunately, you cannot earn these by performing tasks in the game or playing through the story. You must purchase them using your own money.

To learn more about the game’s microtransactions and what they can provide you, make sure to check out our article about those. None of the premium currency affects Rage 2’s gameplay, and they do not change your weapon’s statistics. They merely change your weapon’s aesthetic.