How To Fix The Audio Bug In Rage 2

Some Rage 2 players are being affected by a rather annoying audio bug. While playing the game, some players have noticed that the sound effects for gunshots, enemies, and their vehicle can completely cut out. Other have noticed that when firing the guns on their vehicle, the sound effects will glitch, and will always be there even when they stop firing.

It’s more than a little annoying, as it pulls you right out of the game. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it.

How To Fix The Audio Bug In Rage 2

If you find yourself affected by this bug, the only way to fix it at the moment is to restart the game. Make sure you save before you restart, as you don’t want to lose any progress. After you have saved, just restart the game and the audio should have returned to normal. While it is not the greatest solution in the world, it is all we can really do until a patch arrives to fix the bug.

I have seen this bug mentioned on both PS4 and Xbox One, and I have gotten it myself on PC, so hopefully, the restart fixes it up for you.

Some more advice would be to turn on subtitles. Another bug can cause an NPCs audio to cut out while they are talking to you. Once again, it is annoying, as you can see their lips moving but cannot hear any of the audio. Having subtitles on will head this issue off at the pass, and you will at least know what information the NPC is giving you. I would expect both these issues to be patch pretty quickly.