Rage 2 – How To Get BFG Ammo

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Doom’s very famous BFG 9000 makes an appearance in Rage 2, but only for people who purchase the Deluxe or Collector’s Editions of the game. If you have those editions, but don’t know to get the weapon, be sure to read our guide on how to get it. Once you get your hands on it and unleash it on a boss, you are going to understand why this weapon is so powerful.

Some people are running into an issue getting ammo for it, so in this guide, we will show you how to get BFG ammo.

How To Get BFG Ammo In Rage 2

Unlike other weapons, ammo for the BFG 9000 won’t drop from killing bad guys, or from crates. It seems to be a decision from the developers to limit this absolute monster of a weapon somewhat. Once you have used up all your ammo, you are going have to head for Wellspring settlement to get more.

From the main entrance to Wellspring, just take a left and follow the path around until you come to a circular market area. You should be able to see a big neon sign that just says Boom. That is the ammo vendor, and you will be able to purchase ammo for any weapon you own there, including BFG ammo.

Because ammo doesn’t drop for it while out in the world, it is normally best to hold off on using the BFG 9000 until you encounter a tough boss or a particularly troublesome Sentinel Tower, it is also worth noting that the BFG 9000 holds 7 shots, and each piece of ammo will give you one shot for $1000. It’s not cheap to refill this thing, so make sure you aim carefully!