Rage 2: How to Unlock the Firestorm Revolver

The Firestorm Revolver doesn’t have the pure stopping power of your standard Sidewinder Pistol, but it does have something much more interesting — the ability to set your enemies on fire. It’s a fun weapon that lets you deal huge damage to groups of enemies and flush them out of hiding if used correctly, and it’s perfect for when you only have a second to pop out of cover and fire off a few shots.

Map showing location of Dark Catacomb Ark

You’ll find the Firestorm Revolver in the northeast part of the Sekreto Wetlands; an area ruled over by the Swamp Hogs. It’s found in the Dark Catacomb Ark, in an easily traversable part of the region that looks like it was a small town before the apocalypse, with fairly intact roads and lots of emptied-out houses. You can get there with minimal trouble by heading northeast of the Mutant Bash TV arena or north and slightly west of Lagooney You should have no trouble spotting this Ark. It’s surrounded by houses, at the end of a street strewn with cover, and it has a makeshift Swamp Hogs base set up around it.

You can approach the Ark from any direction. Coming from the main street will give you the most cover, but it will also give guards in watchtowers near the Ark a pretty good shot at you. You’ll want to take them out first however you approach, then deal with stragglers on the ground.

After you’ve dealt with them, you can approach the Ark. You’ll see a standard new weapon tutorial, but there’s nothing too tricky about this one. Press the trigger to fire, and the Firestorm Revolver will lodge a projectile in your target. Press the alternate fire button, and they go boom. This weapon won’t kill most enemies outright, but it’ll sure keep them distracted while they put out the flame.

Once you leave the Ark, you’ll be attacked by another group of wastelanders, giving you a chance to try out your brand-new toy.