How to pre-order Rainbow Six Extraction – Bonuses and editions guide

Fight aliens on September 16.

Rainbow Six Extraction keyart

Image via Xbox

In just a few months, the cooperative first-person shooter Rainbow Six Extraction will be available for PC and consoles. If you’re planning on pre-ordering the game, there are a couple of editions to choose from. This guide will detail the bonuses and editions you can pre-order now, and hopefully, aid you in choosing which version is right for you.

Standard and Deluxe Edition

Image via Ubisoft

There are two different versions of Rainbow Six Extraction that you can currently pre-order. The platforms the game is available on are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Ubisoft Store or Epic Games Store. If you’re a Ubisoft+ member, the game will be available to play on its September 16 launch date.

The most basic version of Rainbow Six Extraction is the Standard Edition. Whether you are planning to buy it physically or digitally, the contents are the same. It simply comes with the game. If you do pre-order the game, it will also come with the Orbital Decay Bundle, which will be detailed in the next section. The price for this version is $59.99.

It should be noted that purchasing the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of the game will allow you to upgrade to the next-gen version at no extra cost. This is true of both the physical and digital versions of the Standard and Deluxe Edition.

Speaking of Deluxe Edition, the $79.99 version of Rainbow Six Extraction is packed with a few more goodies. In addition to the Orbital Decay Bundle, the slightly pricier edition features three more packs full of cosmetic items, XP boosters, and even a discount for the in-game store.

Here is the name of each pack and what they will include:

React Strike Pack

  • Frontline Cosmetic Pack which includes Spectrum headgear, uniform, and weapon skin, plus the REACT Lockjaw charm.
  • XP Boosters for post launch events
  • 10% discount on the in-game store

Obscura Pack

  • Cephal Black and Cerulean weapon skins
  • Redacted and Anagram charms

Noxious Touch Pack

  • Noxious Touch uniform and headgear for Alibi
  • Universal Noxious Touch and Redeemer weapon skins
  • Jawbreaker and Guardian Angel Charm

Orbital Decay Bundle pre-order bonus

Image via Ubisoft

Anyone who pre-orders Rainbow Six Extraction will receive the Orbital Decay Bundle as a pre-order bonus. Similar to the packs above, this offer includes a weapon skin, a charm, and operator cosmetics. Here is everything that comes with the Orbital Decay Bundle:

  • Vaporized weapon skin
  • Crashlander charm
  • Orion uniform and headgear for Lion and Finka