Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How to get the Hey Lombax DJ trophy

Make some noise!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Receiving the Hey Lombax DJ trophy is fairly easy if you know where to look. The tournaments may be fun in the Scarstu Debris Field, but you can also chill out with some jams on the jukebox.

Where is the jukebox and how to get the trophy

Screenshot by Gamepur

On Scarstu Debris Field, go into Zurkie’s, the location of where the tournaments commence. Go past the reception and turn left once you’ve entered the club. Keep following the path, left of where the aliens are conversing on tables. Go past the bar, and you’ll see a pink alien grooving with his green buddy. He’s really shaking it. You’ll then see a golden jukebox in between the two dancers. Press triangle to use the jukebox. Now you’re at the track menu, play three songs. The trophy will then be confirmed with a ding!

How do you unlock new songs?

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find new songs for the jukebox, you’ll have to find gold bolts around the planets. They’ll be released in packs as you progressively search for these collectibles. There are over 30 pieces of music, including a funny lyrical track called “Join Me at the Top” by Emperor Nefarious and his Doctor counterpart. Insomniac didn’t have to put this much effort into the jukebox, but the developer did, and we appreciate it.