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Red Dead Redemption 2 Accolades Trailer

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Money Lending and Other Sins III Walkthrough

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In Chapter 2 Horseshoe Overlook – Money Lending and Other Sins III Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, Strauss will give you locations of four debtors from whom you have to recover money.

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In the previous mission Who Is Not Without Sin you had played Poker and saved Revered Swanson from silly things. For the next main mission at the camp locate Strauss. You will find him near the edge cliff sitting on a rock. Talk to him and you can play this mission. He will give you a list of three people first, from whom you have to recover money and next he will give an additional one in the end.

Money Lending and Other Sins III Walkthrough

Money Lending and Other Sins Walkthrough

For the gold medal you will have to complete the mission within 2 minutes in 10 seconds. There will be overall 3 debtors scattered to different locations. In each one your recovery will be different. In the end Strauss will give you a fourth debtor to recover money.

Reclaim A Debt From One Of The Debtors


Strauss will tell you about the list of people from where you have to gather debt. The debtors will be marked on the map in yellow LS symbol. You have to find them and recovery money. You can play this in any sequence. You will see two symbols on the North-East part of mini-map and one the south. You can either recovery money from all three.

Chick Mathews:


This guy is pretty far away from the camp. The first one on the northern eastern part towards the left. After following the marker you will reach a man sitting on a lag outside a small settlement. The main will point towards the man who is trying to escape. You will have to chase and capture him. Use the Lasso to capture, wait for the train tracks that is place he will slow down. You will get a treasure map from this guy, you can view that from your Satchel. The map shows Chick has stored the money inside a tree. Open the map and press Square to Read it, Chick will ask you to untie him. It is your choice, next you will see a small yellow circle on the mini-map that will lead you to the treasure. Look for a big tree with a hole in the truck. Collect the money for debt recovery.

Lilly Millet:


Follow the dollar sign towards the north-west of mini map to find Lilly Millet. She is at Emerald Ranch talking to a man. Talk to her by pressing Circle key (Confront). The main with Lilly will attack you, fight him and loot the main to recover your money. Before living the place look around properly. There is a man in yellow how is standing near Saloon. He is the witness, chase him down and fight him also. He won’t be scared with few punches you will have to fight him and beat him down.

Mr. Wrobel:


Mount your horse and go west, the next dollar sign will lead you to Mr. Wrobel. He is a polish guy who does not speak English. Confront him and there will be a cutscene. You can either Threaten or Beat the man. After beating the man loot the house. You will find following things.

  • Wooden cabinet on right – Cigarettes.
  • Drawer in the center table where Mr.Wrobel is standing- Gold Wedding Ring & Valuables.
  • Wooden cabinet on left – Sliver Earning.
  • Drawer in the table on left of door – Antique watch.

Go to the stable and calm the horse inside. Take the horse and go to the camp. Call your horse and he will follow you.

After gathering all the items return to the camp and deposit the money to camp fund. You will earn a cut whenever you contribute funds. Next to the money box there is a ledger where on the front page you can see recent contribution. Next you can upgrade camps Medicine supply or Provisions. If you pick Medicines then you increase supplies for Snake Oil that is required for Dead Dye and bitters for Stamina.

Collect Debt From Thomas Downes:

In the next cutscene you will see Strauss gives Arthur one more debtor Thomas Downes. Follow the marker and you will find him working in his small firm. He will try to threaten you so you have option to Dismiss or Beat. Similar to Mr.Wrobel you can choose to beat him down. Some punches and there will be cutscene where Arthur threatens Thomas’s family and return to the camp.

Talk to Strauss and the mission is over. The next mission you can check is Paying a Social Call. You can begin this mission by talking to Kieren the man who is tied to the tree. For similar guides, tips and updates on the game do have look on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.

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