Resident Evil 2 Remake True Ending Guide: How To Unlock 4th Survivor & Tofu Mode

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Remake isn’t a simple game in which you can get the 100% with all trophy. There are a lot of achievements that require a lot of patience and skill: you need to complete the game multiple time, and you need to unlock all modes.

There are a lot of secrets, and there are a lot of endings that you can reach to get 100%. With this guide you can learn how to achieve the “true ending,” are you ready?

Resident Evil 2 Remake How to reach the true ending

How To Get True Ending in Resident Evil 2

To get the true ending on Resident Evil 2, you need to complete more that one run. you need to start a new game and select the right option: you need to choose the 2nd playthrough options to start a new run that can unlock the true ending.

If you’ve finished the game with Leon, you need to start this second run with Claire and vice versa. Remember: if you select story mode with a new game, you’ll not be able to unlock true ending.

When you choose the right selection, with the other character (different from your original run), you can allow to a “new” the story with some difference between your first.

At the end of this run, you can see another ending, the “true ending” that… Ok, you need to play the game, trust us.

How To Unlock 4th Survivor mode

Once you’ve completed your 2nd playthrough, you can unlock the 4th Survivor mode the tallow you to play as Hunk, the “Grim Reaper.”

This particular campaign is very, very short and takes you about ten minutes but it is very very painful.

The 4th Survivor is one of the best pieces of the story, so you must complete your 2nd playthrough to unlock this fantastic game mode. Can you promise us that you try to unlock this? Please, say yes.

How To Unlock Tofu mode

Tofu? If you haven’t played before Resident Evil 2 you cannot appreciate this mode like us: this is a reference to an old easter egg.

The complete story of Resident Evil 2 played as a giant lump of tofu. You cannot use guns or similar so this is the most challenging mode in the game: if you complete it you can say that you’re a good Resident Evil 2 player.

Can you say that? No? So what are you waiting for? Complete your 2nd playthrough and the 4th survivor mode suddenly and try to do your best with this piece of Tofu.