Reactive Crystals and Requiem Pylons Guide – Warframe

A potential farming technique.


Image via Digital Extremes

As you explore the Cambion Drift in Warframe, you will come across broken stone pylons with a Requiem Symbol floating above a Reactive Crystal at the center. If you hit these with your amp they will activate, causing the pylon to reform and enemies to spawn nearby.

All the pylons will have a different effect on enemies, and in some cases, you can kill the affected enemies with your amp to farm rare Deimos-related resources. At the moment, some of these appear to be bugged, or at least highly ineffective, but we will be updating this guide over time as secrets are revealed or fixes are applied.

Where to find the pylons

The Pylons will randomly spawn in a number of potential locations on the map. They cycle each time you load into the Cambion Drift. It is a good idea to take to the air in your Archwing and track them down that way.

You can find potential locations marked on the map above by the white mask symbols. We will be updating this map as we discovered more.

Enemy spawns from Obelisks have a 10-minute cooldown, so you cannot simply spam the better Obelisk types where they manage to spawn in.

Pylon Effects



Forms a shield that pushes back enemies. Shooting enemies that are pushed back with the secondary fire on your Operator’s Amp will cause resources to drop from the pylon.



Every 12 seconds will cause confusion on random nearby enemies. They will attack their own allies, killing them and causing resources to drop from the pylon.


Will cause a pulse of energy that damages enemies. Enemies that die to the pulse cause resources to drop from the pylon.


Slows random enemies every 12 seconds. Killing slowed enemies with your Amp will cause resources to drop from the pylon.


Summons Infested Drones that will attack enemies. Enemies that die to the drones will cause resource drops from the pylon.


Will randomly switch to any of the other pylons effects.


Tethers enemies to the pylon. Killing the enemies with your Operator’s Amp will cause resource drops.


Blinds enemies every 12 seconds. Shoot blinded enemies to cause resource drops.

Now, exactly how good these are for farming rare resources is debatable. Our own testing has yielded mediocre results at best since a number of exploits were resolved by Hotfixes. We will continue to test this feature to see if we discover the best method of using them.