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Realm Royale All Weapon List And Damage Stats

This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

There are different weapons in Realm Royale along with class-specific Legendary weapons. In this guide, you can find a list of all weapons and their damage stats.

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You can play with different weapons in Realm Royale, the game is easy to understand but gets challenging if you are having low-quality gears. First thing is the armor, good ones mean more chances of survival. You can refer our guide Realm Royale Armor Types, Stats And Bonus for more info on the same or you can continue with this weapon guide below.

Realm Royale Weapon List

List Of All Weapons And Their Stats

Below is the list of weapons you can find in Realm Royale and their stats. Similar to armors the weapons also come in different rarity types like Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The better you get the better damage you can do.

Regular Weapons:

Crossbows: This weapon has 6 shots, and then you will have to reload. The rate of fire of this weapon is 1.8 Shots per second.

  • Common Crossbow: 350 Damage
  • Rare Crossbow: 440 Damage
  • Epic Crossbow: 530 Damage
  • Legendary Crossbow: 610 Damage

Pistol: This weapon offers 2 shots per second. Below are the damage details. It is available in two form common and rare.

  • Common Pistol: 420 Damage
  • Rare Pistol: 516 Damage

Revolver: This one is similar to a pistol, a basic one where you get 1.4shots per second.

  • Common Revolver: 320 Damage
  • Rare Revolver: 400 Damage
  • Epic Revolver: 480 Damage
  • Legendary Revolver: 560 Damage

Auto Rifle: This one is a automatic firing weapon with a fast fire rate, but you won’t get much damage. the weapon can release 3 shots per second.

  • Rare Auto Rifle: 175 Damage
  • Epic Auto Rifle: 210 Damage
  • Legendary Auto Rifle: 245 Damage

Burst Rifle: You can fire multiple shots per trigger through a Burst rifle. It offers 1.7 shots per second.

  • Common Burst Rifle: 330 Damage
  • Rare Burst Rifle: 396 Damage
  • Epic Burst Rifle: 462 Damage
  • Legendary Burst Rifle: 528 Damage

Slug Rifle: This one is a mid range weapon where you get 1.1 shots per second. Below are the damage details based on the weapon rarity.

  • Common Slug Rifle: 400 Damage
  • Rare Slug Rifle: 500 Damage
  • Epic Slug Rifle: 600 Damage
  • Legendary Slug Rifle: 700 Damage

Heriloom Rifle: This one is a fast shooting rifle and offers you 1.1 shots per second.

  • Common Heriloom Rifle: 420 Damage
  • Rare Heriloom Rifle: 525 Damage
  • Epic Heriloom Rifle: 630 Damage
  • Legendary Heriloom Rifle: 735 Damage

Shotgun: This one is a good short-range weapon and you can use it to spray around to damage multiple enemies. You will get 0.83 shots per second on a shotgun.

  • Common Shotgun: 550 Damage
  • Rare Shotgun: 690 Damage
  • Epic Shotgun: 830 Damage
  • Legendary Shotgun: 960 Damage

Swords: In a fast pace shooting game sword is not really helpful but you can use it sometime when you are very close to enemies and you have no options left. The weapon offers 1.3 swings per second.

  • Common Sword: 500 Damage
  • Rare Sword: 630 Damage
  • Epic Sword: 750 Damage
  • Legendary Sword: 880 Damage

Legendary Weapons:

In Realm Royale every class has a specific Legendary Weapon. You can craft that through Forge. In a recent update, Elemental power has been added to these Legendary weapons. These new power are Fire, Frost and Lightning. Fire can burn enemies and cause extra damage, it also reduces healing. Frost slows down enemies and Lighting will reveal the position of hiding enemies.

  1. Longbow: This one is a Hunter class weapon. It cause 900 damage at 2.0 shot per second. You will have to wait for 2 seconds to full draw the bow, but this is not really necessary. You can fire at any point, but if you get the full draw you get more damage.
  2. Plasma Launcher: This one is a Engineer class weapon. It cause 800 damage at 1.0 shot per second. The weapon can cause splash damage to nearby targets.
  3. Sniper Rifle: This one is a Assassin class weapon. It cause 1,100 damage at 1.0 shot per second. Ideal for long range attack, you hit enemies from distance.
  4. Stone Spear: This one is a Mage class weapon. It causes 300 damage at 1.2 shot per second. Through this weapon, you can fire three projectiles at the same time.
  5. Throwing Axe: This one is a Warrior class weapon. It cause 900 damage at 0.9 shot per second. A hand held a weapon that you can throw on enemies.

So these are the weapons you will find in Realm Royale, you can also refer our Advance Survival Tips guide to get vital tips on survival combat in the game.You can refer Realm Royale Wiki guide for more updates on the game.

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