Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – How to Get the EMP Javelin

When you start in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, your first mission will be to make a delivery for Orzu, one of Juno’s old buddies from her smuggling days. It’s a simple enough mission, just moving the cargo from one point to another, but Orzu is suspiciously quiet about what’s inside the package. While you won’t get an answer right away, a little further into the game, you’ll find out exactly what was in the package and even get to keep it for yourself.

Starting the Warning Shot Mission

Play the game long enough, and you’ll eventually get a mission called Warning Shot. That’s your cue to head back to Orzu and claim the cargo that you risked your life to deliver earlier in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. You’ll need to progress through the main story missions for this side job to unlock; there’s no way to jump straight to it early. You should get the call from Orzu around the time that the robot bounty hunter Satchel tasks you with staking out several warp gates throughout the system.

Once you get the mission, it will direct you to meet Orzu at his casino. If you’re working on Satchel’s missions at the time, you should already be in the neighborhood, just a jump or two away. Head there and talk to your betentacled buddy, and he’ll reveal that the package you delivered contained a new weapon, the EMP Javelin, which can disable ships without damaging them or harming their pilots. He tells you that some crooked cops have been harassing pilots he’s hired to run cargo for him, and he wants you to use the Javelin to teach them a lesson. Head to the waypoint he sends you to start the mission, but don’t forget to drop into the hangar to equip your new weapon first.

Head to the freighter marked on your map to begin the mission. You’ll get a transmission from the pilot when you get into range, and after a short conversation, you can link your warp drive to the freighter’s and follow them on their delivery route. Before you can reach the drop-off point, you’ll be waylaid by a squadron of police cruisers looking for a payout. Following a much less friendly conversation, combat begins.

Surviving the Fight with the EMP Javelin

The critical thing to remember for this fight is that you don’t want to blow up your enemies. Doing so would bring the law down on both you and Orzu, and it will end the mission. Instead, you want to use the EMP Javelin to disable their ships. Fortunately, it only takes one shot, so shutting them down is pretty easy.

The most challenging part is that shots with the Javelin don’t have the homing capability, so you need to make sure your aim is perfect before launching one. The easiest way to do that is to get right on top of your target before you pull the trigger. Police ships are pretty maneuverable, so getting them where you want them can be a bit tricky. Rather than chasing them down to get your shot, wait until they start flying toward you for an attack run and launch the Javelin straight into them, or try to catch them in a turn if you can get close enough first.

Since you won’t be using your main weapons at all during this mission, the best way to give yourself an upper hand is by diverting all the power out of your weapon systems to free it up for engines and shields. Most of your power should go to shields since you’ll be taking shots from several craft at once. If they’re getting too far away and you can’t get a clear shot, you can divert some power to your engines to catch up. Don’t forget to dump your excess power into your shields if they go down at any point during the fight.

Warning Shot Mission Preparation and Rewards

By this point in the game, you should have traded your starting ship in for the Sandhawk. In this part of the sector, enemies are lurking that your starter Platypus won’t be able to handle, so investing in a better ship is a necessity from here on out. If you haven’t hit that level yet, take on some lower-level missions until you save up enough to buy this upgraded combat ship. If that’s still not enough, keep picking up jobs until you can upgrade its systems (particularly shields for this mission).

Your reward for beating Warning Shot with be an EMP Javelin of your very own. It certainly lacks the stopping power of a high-level missile launcher, but it’s a fun way to mix up combat when you want to go for precision rather than brute force. Since it stops ships in their tracks with a single shot, it could also be a great backup plan to get you out of a jam quickly, as you can just shut your pursuer down then juice up your engines and run for it.