Rec Room Reclympics event – schedule, rewards, and how to participate

Go for the gold.

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The real-life Summer Games might be over, but it’s only just begun in the world of Rec Room. The first-ever Reclympics is allowing players to compete in various games, highlighting custom-created content, including a massive coliseum, and the old standby games of Rec Room.

How to compete in or watch the Reclympics

Go to the corkboard in your dorm room or look at Rooms on your watch — select the ^Reclympics room. Here, you can go to a souvenir shop to buy user-created cosmetics, look at the standings and medal count, or visit any of the eight Region clubs participating in the event.

Only a limited number of players can compete in the official tournament, but everyone can play the games themselves, watch the event, and even nab a Reclympics t-shirt for their character just by visiting ^Reclympics. If you want to simply play the games with friends, go to the coliseum in ^Reclympics, go to any of the stations, and hit the Practice button for the event you want to try.

How to register for the Reclympics

First, you have to join a Region clubhouse. There is an online sign-up sheet on the official Reclympics website, and the deadlines to sign up for each event are as follows.

  • Stunt Runner & Laser Tag – August 9
  • Archery & Dodgeball – August 16
  • Discus Throw & Ultimate Frisbee – August 23
  • Paintball – August 30


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You can join any number of the eight regions, but you can only represent one in the games. To join any of the following regions, go to their clubhouse in ^Reclympics, go to the center statue in the room, interact with it, and hit Join Club.

  • Paintball Plateau
  • Rec Room Main Campus
  • Cyberjunk City Limits
  • Creator Commonwealth
  • The Isles of The Lost Skulls
  • Crimson Bog Swamp
  • The Goblin Kingdom
  • Frontier Island


  • Your account must be at least level 30.
  • Your account must be registered with an active email address.
  • You must be available for the full duration of the event you plan to participate in, typically between 11 AM to 3 PM PT during the day of the event.
  • Your account must have a good recent moderation history
    1. Players banned between July 1 to August 14 may be denied registration.
    2. Players with a history of cheating may be denied registration.

How to watch online

You can watch all of the Rec Room events live on the official Rec Room YouTube channel.


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The Reclympics will last four weeks, with events every weekend.

  • Stunt Runner – Saturday, August 14 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • A solo obstacle course where players race for the fastest times
  • Laser Tag – Sunday, August 15 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • Users can compete as a team event and battle different regions for the medals 
  • Archery – Saturday, August 21 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • Users can compete in a skill-based, solo event that will showcase the talents of many of the Questing community
  • Dodgeball – Sunday, August 22 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • Dodgeball will be a team event based on a classic Rec Room game
  • Discus Throw – Saturday, August 28 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • Discus Throw is a new twist on a classic sport, players will need to be accurate with their throws to win
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Sunday, August 29 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • Ultimate Frisbee, one of the earliest UGC games in Rec Room, will allow teams to compete against each other (and try not to break windows, TVs, or ceiling fans)
  • Paintball – Saturday, September 4 from 11 AM PT to 3 PM PT
    • A Rec Room classic, and the first game that inspired player-driven leagues. This event will be a day-long tournament.


As with a proper Olympics, winners in Reclympics events will win gold, silver, or bronze medals, depending on their standings.