ReCore Walkthrough Part 6 – Exclusion Zone, Meeting Duncan, and CellBots

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At the end of Mission 5 – Departure, Joule, Mack and Seth managed to defeat the Bolt Cutter and the Tram Crashes where Kai and Victor crash on one side and others on the another side called the Shifting Sands. Let’s see how Joule will make her way to the E-Tower and what all comes in her path.

Exclusion Zone Walkthrough

Exclusion Zone Walkthrough

Head through the Shifting Sands to Eden Tower

After the cutscene, you need to make your way towards the big Security Gate which will take you to the Shifting Sands area . Once you cross the broken Bridge, get ready to fight some high-level Corebots and make sure you extract their high-level cores as they will help you with the Fusion. Once you are done with the CoreBots, you’ll see a giant Rock is blocking the way and you need to find something that can move it.

Find a Way to break the Rock

Start moving to the next marked location. Once you way you will find a half buried Sphere in the sand which has another Prismatic Core. Collect it and use Seth to throw you one the other side of the Rocks which brings us to the Lost Crawler. Get inside and what the cutscene. Congrats you have a new CoreBot Companion – Duncan and he can smash rock formation to find hidden treasure. The Core ability allows him to shoot fireballs at enemies which cause deadly damage.

Let’s take Duncan to move the Security Gate Rock and once you get out of the Crawler you can only keep 2 companions so choose wisely to keep either Duncan and Seth or Duncan and Mack. We like Seth more so we continued our journey with Seth and Duncan. Before heading to the Security Gate test Duncan’s ability on enemies and break a few rocks to find something hidden like Health Booster. Now break the rock and continue your way to the E-Tower.

Shifting Sands

Once you get inside, you’ll see an open map and you need to make your way to the E-Tower, but there will be a lot of enemy corebots spawning so be careful. Half way of the sands you see a Giant Hand, climb up to get the Blueprints and continue towards the marked location. Don’t just wait in the sands as the Corebots keep on Spawning. Now activate the switch with the help of Duncan then quickly use Seth to crawl the rail. Again do the same on top of the second Pillar.

Now you need to find 3 CellBots to open the Main Door. The first one is just near the Door, the second is one your Left and the last CellBot is back on the top of the cliffs. Now make sure you have 15 Prismatic Cores in order to open the Gate. if you don’t then do check your map and collect them all. Now let’s continue to the Warren.

Thus completing the third Walkthrough and you can continue to the next Chapter 7 – The Warren, or check our ReCore Wiki Guide to know more about the collectibles, blueprints, Boss Fights, best use of Workbench and much more.