Red Dead Online Christmas events – start and end date, rewards, discounts, and more

Players can also get a free emote and Shotgun Coat.

Image via Rockstar

Rockstar has announced a bunch of events taking place in Red Dead Online over the next four weeks to celebrate the festive period. Players can expect numerous bonuses across various game modes alongside some free items simply for remembering to log in. There’s even seasonal Call to Arms maps to look forward to.

With so many different events taking place, it might become difficult to remember all the dates. So we’ve put together this guide to help players keep track of everything. The Christmas celebrations kick off today and will run until January 5.

Bounty Missions

  • December 7 to January 5 – Double the usual RDO$ and Role XP

Call to Arms

December 7 to January 5

  • Double the usual RDO$ and Character XP

December 21 to January 5:

Players will receive a Telegram about bandits sieging Colter, Rhodes, Hanging Dog Ranch, and Emerald Ranch, using snow as cover. The surrounding areas are also littered with cougars, wolves, and bears, making the missions even more dangerous.

Players will also spot a Christmas-themed train at Rhodes and Emerald Ranch stations transporting plenty of shooters they will need to defeat. By reaching the last wave of any Holiday Call to Arms map, players will earn 50% off any weapon.

Trader and Moonshine sales

December 7 to January 5 – Twice the usual RDO$ for Trader and Moonshine sales


December 7 to January 5 – Three times RDO$ and XP with double Gold in Make It Count and Last Stand. Meanwhile, Gun Rush, Gun Rush Teams, Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and Overrun will provide double the usual rewards.

Christmas bonuses

  • December 7 to January 5 – By ordering a drink from any Saloon over the festive period, players will get a free Good to See Ya emote
  • December 14 to 29 – Playing the game between these dates will net players 25 Capitale, a free Accessory, and the Winter Evans Repeater
  • December 26 to January 5 – Logging into the game during this period will get players 10 sticks of Volatile Dynamite, 20 Fire Arrows, Weight Loss Tonic, a Reward to clear bounties in any state

New Year bonuses

December 29 to January 5 – Bringing in Player Bounties alive will yield 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP, while bringing them in dead will earn players RDO$200. Meanwhile, delivering Legendary and Infamous bounties will get players two Hawkmoth bolas, whether they’re dead or alive. Finally, returning to the game between these dates will net players a free Winter Shotgun Coat.


There are also several discounts on offer over the next four weeks. They include:

  • 5 Gold Bars off both Bounty Hunter Licenses
  • 50% off bolas
  • 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon
  • 40% off Novice, Promising and Established Bounty Hunter Role Items