RDR2 Online Mission List

Red Dead Online Story Mission List | A Land Of Opportunities Mission List

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Red Dead Online (RDR2 Online) has around 8 story missions. Each story missions have different objective and you will learn the various thing about the Red Dead Online world by playing them. You will also earn some cash by completing these 8 story missions.

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RDR2 Online has a story mission “A Land Of Opportunities” similar Red Dead Redemption 2. There are around 8 different story missions which include the introduction and customization part. Each offers you certain objectives that allow you to earn money, set up your camp and understand the online world of Outlaws. In this Red Dead Online Story Mission guide, you can check the list of all story missions and what to do in them.

RDR2 Online Mission List

A Land Of Opportunities Mission Lists & Objective Details

The Red Dead Online has around 8 story missions, you begin with an intro and character customization and end up attacking other outlaws in the camp.

Mission 1: Introduction

Customize your character, its appearance, and attributes. You will earn 2 points during the customization part, you can use that to strengthen Health, Stamina and Dead Eye. After setting your camp clear a Hideout in Rio Bravo. You will get a catalog after talking to the post clerk, you can order items that will be delivered to the camp. Locate another hideout by following Fire Smoke and interact with a Bandit who will offer you first Treasure Map. After finishing this you earn Ability Card Coupon, use to redeem an Ability Card.

Mission 2: Honor Among Horse Thieves

The second mission begins after you meet Clay Davis. You have to steal a Horse, and kill the enemies who will chase you. You have to keep the horses alive, after this you can manage and rename the horse. For the next objective talk to Crips at the camp, just follow the objectives and you will unlock Free Roam after talking to Horley.

Mission 3: If the Hat Fits

To play the third one, meet Police Chief in Blackwater in Pike’s Basin. You can get the location from the map. Once you find the chief you will unlock Match-Making. Follow the next location to play Clear Out Canyon. Kill all the enemies and escape, you will get a multiple choice in this part.

Mission 4: Love And Honor

Talk to Tumbleweed Sheriff to begin the mission objectives. Kill the outlaws, and help a couple to escape the cliff. You have to protect them from the incoming attack.

Mission 5: The Right Side of the Tracks

Talk to the Sheriff of Valentine to start mission objectives. You will have to take down Crawfish’s Guards, you will learn to use a fatal shot here. Next, prevent Crawfish from escaping, use your lasso to stop him. This mission also includes a multiple choice question, where you have to help the thieves. Choose to help by cutting them free.

Mission 6: Where Your Morals Lead You

Find Horley in Blackwater to start this mission, you will have to visit three sheriffs in Blackwater and then return back to Horley. Next, you will have to meet Marshall Davies and follow Lee through the forest. Take down enemies in stealth, and then target a Patrol. You will have some multiple choices here. Finally, take down Montez and his gang to complete this mission.

Mission 7: Highly Illegal And Highly Moral

Visit Marshal’s location in the North of Van Horn, clear Montez’s gang and look to kill the lieutenant. Clear the gang and return to Marshal. You will have to face more enemies in Van Horn area, clear it and then track down Montez’s Lieutenant. Return to Marsh and follow him towards Montez’s convoy. Capture it and bring it to Marshall. Guard the convoy, and locate Montez’s carriage. Use Lasso to catch Montez, and deliver him.

Mission 8: Kill Them, Each And Every One

Meet Horley and Jessica near Armadillo. Follow Horely to camp who will tell you to equip armor and raid Fort Mercer. Armor will increase your Damage Resistance, you will have to use the Cannon to blow the Fort. Next, fight Teddy Brown, and fight his men in Fort Mercer. Teddy Brown will be heavily guarded, call your Posse to attack. Stay in cover if you are drawing Aggro, you will need a good place for cover. Defeat him and the story missions are over.

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