Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: the first Butcher

Take down the first of Tumbleweed’s Butchers with this guide.

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It’s easy to make a name for yourself in the west. Make a living by trading pelts and you’ll be a trader, or if you brew moonshine, you’re a moonshiner. However, there are titles you don’t want to have, like Butcher. There aren’t many in Red Dead Online with this name, but the few that are around are deadly. Luckily, they can be taken down by anyone that decides to be called a bounty hunter. Here’s how you can take down the first of Tubleweekd’s Butchers.

Pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license

Ok, so not anyone can be called a bounty hunter, and even the ones that are registered to be can’t access infamous bounties. For that, you’ll need a prestigious bounty hunter license. This scrap of paper costs players 15 gold bars, and grants access to a ton of extra bounty hunter content. Picking up the prestigious bounty hunter license gives players an extra 10 ranks of the bounty hunter role to progress through, access to a few new legendary bounties, and of course every infamous bounty in the west. To pick one up, just head to your nearest bounty board and follow the prompts.

Track down the Butcher

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After taking the bounty in Tumbleweed, players will be directed to Twin Rocks, an infamous hideout anyone that’s played Red Dead Redemption to remember. The outpost is being used by The Butchers as a base of operations. When you arrive though, it’s clear your target isn’t there. You can either take out the sizable group of enemies at Twin Rocks and then investigate or try to sneak around them. Regardless of which you do, the bounty starts to play out like a regular bounty mission. There are multiple clues to investigate and multiple trails to follow.

At this point, finding the Butcher is more of a game of luck. Keep inspecting clues and following them until you track him down. When you find the right clue, you’ll be led to a small carriage. Outside of it, your target is sat down in front of two other hogtied strangers. You can just walk straight up to him with your lasso and hogtie him, he won’t even fight back.

Bring the Butcher back to Armadillo

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Once he’s been captured, you can take your bounty to justice. What happens to the other two strangers is up to you, but there’s certainly no shame in freeing them.

Just like any other bounty mission, while you’re on the trail to Armadillo you’ll be pursued by a few outlaws. Take them out and head straight to the sheriff’s office to claim your bounty.