The Most Powerful Weapons In Red Dead Online

 The Most Powerful Weapons In Red Dead Online

If you’re going to saddle up your horse and mosey around Rockstar’s near perfect recreation of the wild west then you’re going to need weapons and powerful ones at that. The fact is that no matter how you look at it there are going to be other players out there gunning for you and you’re going to need to be able to fight fire with fire. Even if you’re in defensive mode there are always missions that will get your hat shot off or surprise ambushes and gang hideouts that are going to need dealing with and don’t forget about random animal attacks, they’re the most fun of all.

So what do you need if you want to stop that giant grizzly in its tracks or put a hurting on some a-hole that has decided to try and ruin your day? This following list looks at each base weapon available in each class and lets you know what gives you the best bang for your buck.

6 Most Powerful Weapons In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Bow

Bow: The Bow

Cost: $124.00

Well, this is a bit redundant. There is only one bow available in Red Dead Online, so it’s the most powerful one. Still, if you enjoyed hunting with Arthur in the main story or fancy yourself as a silent killer then it’s a lot of fun and will lay out anyone you come across if you get that sweet headshot action going on. It’s also a pretty decent way to get more money from any skins you sell as it makes less of a mess than if you were to riddle the animal with your trusty side-arm.

Red Dead Online Volcanic Pistol

Pistols: Volcanic Pistol

Cost: $270.00

It may look like someone shrunk a rifle in the wash and it may have the firing rate of a drunken snail but don’t let that fool you. If you jam the Volcanic Pistol in someone’s face and pull the trigger it’s going to make one hell of a mess. Made by Hutton & Baird it has surprisingly good accuracy and can hold 8 rounds of your chosen ammo. Whether that’s Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express, or Explosive is entirely up to you just be careful where you’re pointing that damn thing.

Red Dead Online Litchfield

Repeaters: Litchfield

Cost: $348.00

Another one that is handicapped by a slow reload time the Litchfield Repeater still packs quite a wallop when you squeeze the trigger. It’s a good weapon for hunting as it means that you don’t need to empty half your bullet supply into some poor dumb animal so the quality of the skin shouldn’t suffer too much damage. It’s pretty accurate over a fair distance though this can all go to pot if you’re on the move or fighting from horseback. Just remember to keep it clean and the Litchfield could easily become your go-to gun.

Red Dead Online Lemat

Revolvers: Lemat

Cost: $317.00

A new addition to the ways in which you can murder your fellow man in Red Dead Online, the Lemat Revolver is the best of a bad bunch if we’re to be frankly honest about it. There really seems to be a strange discrepancy between the guns in-game compared to their real-life counterparts. After all, it was the Colt .45 that tamed the West yet all the revolvers and pistols in this virtual version are a bit ‘meh’ if truth be told. Stick to the heavier weapons but if you do feel the need to have a trusty six-shooter by your side then at least this one fires off a shotgun shell when it’s chamber is dry.

Red Dead Online Rolling Block

Rifles: Rolling Block

Cost: $411.00

It’s the most expensive gun on this list, has no rapid fire and is about as quick to reload as a Civil War musket but the Rolling Block rifle is by far the most powerful weapon you can currently lay your dirty little outlaw hands-on in Red Dead Online. Pick this bad boy/girl up for 411 of your finest dead presidents and laugh as its superior range and accuracy allow you to blow the head of your victim clean off their shoulders without them even knowing which direction it came from. That is until the death screen informs them. Then run.

Red Dead Online Sawed-Off

Shotguns: Sawed-Off

Cost: $111.00

There are a few shotguns you can buy in Red Dead Online but the one that will do the most damage and shock the bejesus out of the poor fool on the receiving end is the trusty Sawed-Off. Easy to conceal and with enough of a kick to put a mule to shame, the Sawed-Off shotgun will obliterate your target into a horrid mushy paste as soon as you pull the trigger. It’s a violent weapon for a violent time and you can rely on it to get you out of any sticky situation you may find yourself in, as long as you’re no more than three feet away from the problem at hand.