Red Dead Online: Trader Kits

So far I’ve taken a look at what you get, kit wise, for the Bounty Hunter role as well as for those of you that have decided to go down the Collector path. In this one, the third of three guides, I’ll be finishing off the trifecta by going over every piece of kit that you can buy and just how much it will cost you when you become a Trader.

Everyone who knows anything about Red Dead Online will tell you that, outside of the main story missions, the only way that you’re going to make any decent money is to hunt and fish. The fact that you can now decide to do this as your chosen role is certain to fill a large section of the fan-base with glee and send them off into the wilderness with the sole intention of loading up their mule before cashing in big time.

So what do you do when you’ve got pockets bulging with gold and dollar bills? Well, you could do a lot worse than invest in all the new items that become available as you progress through the ranks. Some are merely cosmetic, others are useful wagons and horses, but like everything in Red Dead Online, nothing comes cheap so expect to spend, spend, spend.

Red Dead Online: Trader Kits

Red Dead Online Collector

Novice Kit

  • Fletcher Saddle: $525.00
  • Filigree Buckle: 4 Gold
  • Goodman Gun Belt: $100.00
  • Stew Pot: $650.00
  • The Montery Outfit: $250.00
  • Two Kladruber Horses: $150.00
  • Hammer: $75.00

Promising Kit

  • The Sunderland Outfit: $348.25
  • Tapscott Gloves: $100.00
  • Medium Delivery Wagon: $500.00
  • Weapons Locker: $575.00
  • Lance Knife: 5 Gold
  • Trader Camp Theme: $700.00

Established Kit

  • Two Kladruber Horses: $550.00
  • The Worthington Outfit: $446.75
  • Rawback Ring: 4 Gold
  • Large Delivery Wagon: $750.00
  • Goodman Holster: $75.00
  • Long Tied Curls: 2 Gold
  • Hunting Wagon: $875.00
  • Pump-Action Shotgun Variant: $450.00

Distinguished Kit

  • The Tyringham Outfit: $545.00
  • “Hat Tipping” Emote: $200.00
  • Brass Spectacles: 5 Gold
  • Two Kladruber Horses: $950.00