How To Turn Off PvP In Red Dead Online | RDR2 Online Camp White Flag

 How To Turn Off PvP In Red Dead Online | RDR2 Online Camp White Flag

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online brings the competitive PvP mode where you can either compete with other players, or other can attack your camp. So if you want a break and does not want anyone to disturb your peace then RDR2 online offers you a way to turn off PvP. This means you can tell others that you are not in a mood of picking up a fight, you can upgrade things, rest and continue playing by turning off PvP. The process of doing this very simple, just keep reading.

RDR2 Online Turn Off PvP

How To Turn Off PvP | RDR2 Online

RDR2 Online does not give you much to do in the PvP mode but it offers you a way to disable it for a while but not completely.

Turn Off PvP By Raising A White Flag In Camp

Rockstar had kept a lot of things simple in RDR2 online, for example, a simple process to Move Camp from one point to another and turning off the PvP to block others player from attacking your camp. To turn off the PvP locate the flag in the middle of the camp, press L2 or LT to inspect control the flag height. You can raise it or lower it.

The Flag act as an indicator to other players about PvP actions. Raising a White Flag to the top will turn off PvP, players will not be able to attack your camp, but this will work only if you remain inside the camp. Lowering the White Flag will raise the Red one that means you are now ready to fight. Press D-pad and go to the Camp menu, select White Flag. You can choose to raise or lower from here.

Remember you can stay in the passive mode if you are inside the camp, that means Players will not able to attack you, but if you move outside others can attack your camp. It is always better to stay prepared, keep weapons, ammo, and medicines ready.

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