Red Dead Redemption 2: Bounty Hunting Missions

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In a previous guide, we have seen how the bounties system works in Red Dead Redemption 2 in case you are the one who is wanted.

This time, we want to focus on the bounty hunting missions, in which we will hunt others who have caused enough trouble to get a bounty on their heads.

These missions are considered secondary missions, but you need five of them to get the 100% completion of the game. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea to leave a job half-finished, this is the guide for you.

Bounty Hunting Missions

To unlock these missions, you have to clear the chapter 2 mission “Good Hones, Snake Oil.” Then wanted posters will be available at selected sheriff stations and post offices.

Their mechanic is quite simple: all you have to do is read a wanted poster to unlock the position of the target in the map. Once in the area, you have to find the wanted one by speaking NPCs or following clues

You can both kill or take them alive but note that keeping them alive it’s always more profitable: to do so you have to use the lasso, mount on your horse and carry the wanted person to the sheriff station highlighted on the map.

Anthony Foreman

Bounty Hunting Guide

This wanted poster is found inside the Saint-Denis Police Station after completing the Epilogue Mission “Gainful Employment” (please note that it is only available if you choose to don’t kill Anthony Foreman at the end of the Chapter 4 mission “No, No and Thrice No” and that he must be alive also in order to complete the Bounty Mission).

You can find the leader of Foreman Brothers in Doyle’s Tavern: you have to ask the bartender about him.

Benedict Allbright

Bounty Hunting Guide

Benedict Allbright is a snake-oil salesman. After his bogus cure kills several people, the authorities in Valentine put a price on his head. That’s why you can find this poster in the Valentine sheriff station.

To find Benedict Allbright himself, go to the north of the town, on the shore of the Dakota River.

Elias Green

Bounty Hunting Guide

Wanted for having murdered and mutilated six settlers, Elias is considered extremely dangerous.

His poster can be found in the Blackwater police station, but to make it available, you have to complete the epilogue mission “Gainful Employment” first. Elias Green can be found west of Beecher’s Hope (near Blackwater).

Ellie Anne Swan

Bounty Hunting Guide

You can find this poster at Valentine’s sheriff station and Ellie Ann Swan -also known as the Black Widow – near Wallace Station. Please note that to complete this Bounty Mission you have to bring her back alive and that when you find her, she is not alone but with her boyfriend (if you don’t want to kill him, wait until the end of their dialogue).

Esteban Cortez

Bounty Hunting Mission

You can find this poster in the Tumbleweed jail, and it will be available once completing the epilogue mission “Gainful Employment” and attending the Del Lobo execution random event. You can find Esteban Cortez in a mine southwest of Tumbleweed. To clear it you have to confront the members of the Del Logo Gang and go straight to him. Please note to be careful while you come back because you may encounter some other members of the gang.

Joaquin Arroyo

Bounty Hunting Guide

To unlock this quest, you have to clear the epilogue mission “Gainful Employment” and attend the Del Lobo execution random event. Then you can go in the Tumbleweed jail and find the poster. The first thing you have to do to find Joaquin Arroyo is going to the southwest of Benedict Point and listen to the conversation between two members of the Del Lobos gang: you will learn that Arroyo is close to the railroad: go and get it.

Joshua Brown

Bounty Hunting Guide

To unlock this mission, you have to clear the “Blessed are the Meek?” mission in chapter 2 because it will allow you to free the town of Strawberry from the lockdown. Then you can find the wanted poster in the Strawberry jail and Joshua in the town’s north-western mine (please note that he has to be brought back alive).

Just a tip. Once you have reached the mine, check the campfire and, after a cutscene Joshua Brown will appear: now activate the Dead Eye and use the lasso.

Lindsay Woffard

Bounty Hunting Guide

You can find this poster in the Saint-Denis Police Station and the affiliate of the Lemoyne Raiders to the east of Emerald Ranch station, near the Kamassa River (if you look at the map, you have to go where to the north of the last R of the word River).

Please note that Lindsay is not alone so prepare yourself to the fight.

Mark Johnson

Bounty Hunting Guide

You will unlock this wanted poster by clearing the mission named “The Joy of Civilization” in chapter 4. Then it will be available in Rhodes’ station. You can find him to the northeast of the Rhodes’ station and must be brought back alive to clear the mission.

This mission could seem different from the others because at first Mark Johnson don’t put up any resistance and resigns to his fate. Don’t trust him: he will try to free himself on the way back to Rhodes, so keep the lasso ready.

Otis Skinner

Bounty Hunting Guide

To unlock this quest, you have to clear the epilogue mission “Gainful Employment.” You will find the poster in the Blackwater police station and Otis Skinner in the southwest of Manzanita Post (near Blackwater).

Please note that he will try to take advance of the crowded situation, but you can easily find him looking for the man with the tall hat.

Robbie Laidlaw

Bounty Hunting Guide

To unlock this poster, you have to clear the quest named “The Joy of Civilization” in chapter 4 and catch Mark Johnson. You can find the poster in Rhodes’ station and Robbie Laldlaw in a cabin located to the southeast of Braithwaite Manor.

Please note that he must be brought back alive and that he will turn out to be quite aggressive, attacking Arthur as soon as he sees him.

Just a tip: he could try to run so make sure you have a full stamina bar.