Red Dead Redemption 2 Elk Location Guide | Map Location & Pelt Prices

 Red Dead Redemption 2 Elk Location Guide | Map Location & Pelt Prices

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can hunt different species of animals. Killing them serves multiple purposes including crafting. One of the animals that you can kill is elk, a creature as peaceful as massive sized that drops a very useful item if you make sure you do not damage it: perfect Elk pelt.

Where To Find Elk Location Guide

Where To Find Elk In Red Dead Redemption 2

Elk loves wandering through the forests and similar environments areas. If you are in a hurry then straight away go to the Cattail Pond (near the town of Valentine in the State of New Hannover).

Why Cattail Pond Is Best Location To Find Elk

This location is good because it is accessible to you even if you are a beginner i.e. you have not gone too far in the game yet. All you have to do is find Cattail Pond, The map location is provided below. You can reach it if you passed the railroad tracks just to the west of the town of Valentine or those just northeast of Wallace Station.


Cattail Pond is just one of the location where you will find Elk. For other locations, check out the map below.


Just another tip: If you want to kill elk without ruining pelts we recommend using either improved arrows or a sniper rifle.

Where To Find Legendary Elk Location In RDR2

Are looking for a location of the Legendary Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2? it’s in the Ambarino Region, towards the east side of Bacchus Station. This region is situated towards the northern section of the map. You can refer our all RDR2 Legendary Animals Location guide for additional information.

Talismans or Trinkets can be crafted with the help of the materials you get after hunting down the Legendary Elk. You can check out our dedicated guide on Red Dead Redemption 2 Talismans and Trinkets (Perks) for more information on it.

Red Dead Online Elk’s Pelt Prices

If you decide to go for Elk in Red Dead Online then do keep the following information in your mind. We have listed below the price of Elk’s Perfect, Good, and Poor Pelt.

Elk’s Pelt Prices

  • Perfect: $6.50
  • Good: $3.90
  • Poor: $2.60