Horse Flesh for Dinner Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 Horse Flesh for Dinner Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur and his friends were able to come out alive from the last heist in mission A Honest Mistake. After this you can start the new mission Horse Flesh for Dinner by visiting Mr. Gray at Gray’s plantation area. He will tell you about some costly horses that you can sell and earn a high amount of money. Arthur and his friend will plan a heist to rob the stallions from Braithwaite family.

Horse Flesh for Dinner Walkthrough

Horse Flesh for Dinner Walkthrough

For Gold you have to kill the stable hand that will show you the horses and then catch the stallion within 10 seconds of game. You will also need to get 5 headshots.

Talk To Mr. Gray| Horse Flesh for Dinner

Go to Gray’s plantation entrance and talk to the guard who will tell you to go to stables. There you will find John and Charles. Enter the stable and there will be a cutscene in which you will learn about the family issues. He will tell you about Braithwaite have prized horse that can fetch them around $5,000.

Approach The Stablehand| Horse Flesh for Dinner


Follow your friends who will take you to Braithwaite’s manor. John will talk to the guard and convince him to let them through. Go towards the stable and hitch your horse. Once you reach the stable Arthur will talk to the stablehand. He will be big rude to the gang, but still he will agree to show off the horses. You will need to kill stable for the Gold. Go for a stealth kill, use your knife to attack from the behind. Hide your face before you go out with the horse.

Approach The Horse | Horse Flesh for Dinner

Slowly go near the horse, you will be taking the white one. Calm the horse down first and pat him for bonding. Press L2 to take the horse and go outside. One of the men from the house will notice you. You will have to run now. Your friend will take the horse and ride away, you have to stay behind. Protect the gang from the rear, there is no use of going ahead of them. Shoot the people in the fields on your left first. Next you will find guards on the wagon on your right. Also look back for the one who are chasing you. Your friends will turn left and there will be a wagon in front blocking your path. Keep riding till you reach the trees. Use dead eyes as a effective measure to kill the enemies chasing you.

Kill The Pursuers | Horse Flesh for Dinner

Keep riding and two horsemen from the right will attack, shoot them down. Finally you will be able to escape, Arthur will tell to reach Clemen’s clove. But one of the stallions will break free and run away. You have to lasso him and regroup the horse. If you catch the horse in 10 seconds you will fulfill one of the requirements for gold medal.

Approach The Rustler

Follow your friends and talk to the man sitting on the wall. Arthur was expecting to get $5000 dollars for the horse as Gray said, but they will agree for $700. They will identify the horses and will give you a choice to take the money or go away.

Arthur will make $116, you will unlock a section of Sell Horses in the game. You can visit Clay and Clive at Clement point and sell them stolen horses. The next mission you can play is The Fine Joys of Tobacco. To start this visit Braithwaite Manor and there you will find a served. He will take you to Hosea and Sean who are having tea with the old women Catherine Braithwaite. For similar guides, tips and updates on the game do have look on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.