Red Dead Redemption 2: Side Businesses Location And Robbery Guide

 Red Dead Redemption 2: Side Businesses Location And Robbery Guide

Red Dead Redemption allows you to manage your reputation (to a certain extent, of course). This guide is for those who, inspired by Robin Hood, prefer to rob illegal side businesses rather than common city emporiums. Or for those who want to raid everything.

Side Businesses Robbery Guide

Side Businesses Locations and Tactics

You may notice the presence of an illegal activities shop due to a white circle on the mini-map. In this guide, in any case, we also show you the main offices of illegal side businesses.

Rob Valentine Doctor Side Business Location (the first you come across)

You will notice that there are two steel doors (one on the back of the store and one on the back of the house passing from the outside). To gain access to the side business you will have to knock on one of the two doors and return to the Valentine doctor, aiming your weapon at him. This is your chance to rob the back room (four hostile man – including three O’Driscol – will be waiting for you, but we are sure it will not be a problem for you. Just another tip: if your force yourself to not be too greedy and just pick up the money from the table and the gun from weapon case, there will not be big consequences. But if you try to open the safe in the backroom with dynamite, the lawman will come soon and you’ll get a bounty (even bigger if you fight them).

Strawberry General Store Side Business Location

If you want to unlock Strawberry General Store’s side business, first of all, you need to find the basement window. Then go inside the shop and threaten the owner by aiming your weapon at him: this will give you access to the side business. When you have taken everything you see, if you don’t feel satisfied, threaten the owner again and he will give you access to a secret stash hidden behind a brick.

Rhodes Gunsmith Side Business Location

There is a side business also in the gunsmith’s house in Rhodes. To discover it you must go outside and look for a small basement window. Then you have to speak with the captive: once done, all you have to do is go to the gunsmith and aim your weapon at the shop owner (as usual). Be careful and don’t shoot anyone, so you can take everything without consequences (even the Lancaster repeater inside a weapon case, the best thing you can find there). Furthermore, interrogating both people will give you some backstory.

Saint Denis Gunsmith Side Business Location

This robbery consists in finding a clandestine gambling den of poker players and robbing them. All you have to do is knock on a metal door and aim you gun at the gunsmith, forcing him to open the backdoor. If you melee attack both the guard that opens the door, and the other guard inside you will avoid alarming the lawmen. Now just pick up the money on the table and threaten the poker players, so they will unlock the safe in the wall for you. Easy, right?