Reddit: Is the App down? How to Check Server Status

Some users are experiencing issues with the Reddit application, and this guide shows you what you need if the servers are down.

Image via Reddit

The Reddit application is frequently used by many and sees a lot of traffic from everyone to check out the latest community posts and discussions on the internet. The app can have a few problems because of how much time can be spent on it.

Some users are experiencing a number of problems when attempting to connect to the Reddit application. This appears to be a frequently seen problem happening in multiple issues. Here’s what you need to know if the Reddit Application is down and how you can check the server status.

Why the Reddit App is Not Working

There are multiple ways to check if the Reddit App servers are not working. One of the better ways to do it is from the Reddit Status page, which has a distinct breakdown across the website, the mobile application, and multiple processing pages.

More recently, as of June 12, 2023, it looks like the website is experiencing multiple issues with users attempting to log in and connect with the application. These issues follow a protest that is going on today, with several people believing the website could be receiving a DDOS, but nothing has been confirmed. Feel free to follow the Reddit status Twitter page to learn more and if the connection issues disappear.

We’re unaware of any significant changes that are happening on the website side of things. Outside of the site being down, there’s little people can do outside of waiting for this website to come back online. These problems can range from a few short hours to a full day or two, depending on the severity of these ongoing issues and how deep they go.

We don’t know how long the website will be down or how much longer users will experience issues. Given today’s protest, it could be much longer than the website support team predicts, and anyone attempting to connect with it is better left pulling away from the platform for the time being.

For any additional problems or concerns, we recommend contacting the Reddit support team. The team can attempt to help with connection issues outside the website if the servers are down.