How to Redeem Pre-Order DLC Content in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

DLC Content in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Players that pre-ordered Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot were promised bonus content. However, the process of obtaining the DLC isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. This guide will explain how players can access the bonus material when first starting the game.

In total, three items were promised for players that pre-ordered the game. This includes a sub-quest named “A Competitive Party With Friends,” early access to Bonyu’s training, along with the Smiling Ultra Mega Roast, which boosts melee attack and health points permanently.

Obtaining the DLC content:

  • “A Competitive Party With Friends” sub-quest
    • Requires progression of Episode 2 of Chapter 3: Cell Saga
    • Blue sub-quest icon will be highlighted near Goku’s house
    • Players can battle it out with Z-fighters in friendly matches
  • Early access to Bonyu’s training
    • Requires progression at the same level as sub-quest above
    • Go to the Training Room at Capsule Corporation
    • Speak to the Training Lady to start
  • Smiling Ultra Mega Roast
    • Automatically available from the start of the game
    • Located in inventory’s meals section for redemption
    • Bonuses are permanent, so early usage gives a boost

Those that purchased a physical copy will receive a code that has to be manually entered, using the “Redeem Code” or “Use a Code” option in respective stores. The digital copy will automatically download the DLC content for the user instead. For users that missed the pre-order period, they can still purchase the pre-order DLC pack for $4.99.