The Sims 4 Snowy Escape release date and new world details

See the new area you will encounter in the Snowy Escape expansion.

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The Sims 4’s latest expansion has been revealed to be called Snowy Escape and, as you would expect, is a whole new portion of the game dedicated to winter and cold weather. This is a sizable addition to the base game, bringing in many brand-new features, items, and more. Be sure to read on for new details on the world included with Snowy Escape and the release date so you can get your hands on it.

Snowy Escape’s release date

The Sims 4’s Snowy Escape expansion will be releasing November 13, 2020, for PC (EA Origin and Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $39.99. If you have EA Play, the game will be slightly discounted to $35.99.

For a quick look at the snow activities and other new items on the way, check out the below trailer.

Snowy Escape’s new world

The new world coming in the Snowy Escape is called Mount Komorebi and is heavily inspired by Japanese culture. Included in the new world are three neighborhoods that will bring a host of brand-new things to see. Here is a rundown of what to expect at each location.


Senbamachi is the longest standing neighborhood in Snowy Escape. The surrounding environment is beautiful, with many cherry blossom trees and bamboo forests sprinkled throughout. The area is very in tune with nature and traditional Japanese culture. There are three lots for sale here, with each building heavily showing the cultural impacts in their design.

There is quite a lot to do outside of the house in Senbamachi, though. The Izakaya Ippai bar and Hanamigawa Koen park are two trendy meetup spots for Sims in the area. If you are more interested in the supernatural, though, take a hike to the graveyard and honor the dead during the Festival of the Lights and come into contact with spirits or stop by the Mountain Temple. Those looking for adventure are accommodated here as well with trips through bamboo forests or rock climbing.


Wakaba is a newer area in the Mount Komorebi area growing in popularity because of the community activities. There are four lots available, three for sale and one for rent. The buildings here are all of a modern design. Being the furthest neighborhood away from the mountain, there is no snow in this area.

The Festival of Youth is held in Wakaba, allowing kids to go on void critter hunts with the mascot of Snowy Escape and the most significant social spot is the Hazakura Lounge.


Yukimatsu is the final neighborhood and has all of your winter needs on full display. The entire area is continuously covered in a blanket of snow at the base of Mount Komorebi and holds the Festival of Snow, which offers games to play and sculptures to look at. Here there are only two lots available, both for rent. These buildings are closer in style to the ones seen in Senbamachi but more in line with vacation houses.

This entire area can be attributed to a gigantic ski lodge. If you visit the Sutefani Onsen bathhouse, you will indeed be rejuvenated and relaxed. Still, in contrast, you can have an adventure on a hiking trail, find some caves, or ride a gondola up the mountain for some skiing or snowboarding down the snow slopes.