Remnant 2: All Seeker Key Locations in N’Erud

The Seeker Keys are in hidden locations on N’Erud in Remnant 2, and this guide helps you track them down in your playthrough.

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When you’re exploring the many worlds in Remnant 2, there are several tasks you’ll have to complete to reach the end of them. This includes saving them from forces attempting to destroy them, lest they be set on a path they may never recover from. While exploring N’Erud and breaking down the perilous stakes, a mysterious figure known as the Custodian may ask for your help to find the Seeker Keys.

These keys are how you access the main tower in N’Erud, and how you can give control of the spaceship to Custodian, so they can save it. Tracking down these keys is not easy, and it may take some time. Here’s what you need to know about where you can find all Seeker Key locations on N’Eurd in Remnant 2.

Where to Find All Seeker Keys on N’Erud in Remnant 2

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It is important to note that the locations for these Seeker Keys will vary for most players searching for them on N’Eurd. Remnant 2 is a game that randomly generates world items, and their locations each time you play can vary – meaning the locations I found for my playthrough will differ from yours. However, the concept should remain the same, which means you should be able to find them the same way I did when I played.

For everyone, the first Seeker Key will be at the start of the world and is likely the first item you find when you enter N’Erud; after this, the other Seeker Keys are scattered throughout the rest of your Remnant 2 playthrough, and you’ll need to track them down.

The other Seeker Keys are somewhere on N’Erud. You can exclusively find them in this biome while playing Remnant 2, and they’re typically tied to dungeons and the other bosses in the game. For me, I was able to find one of them while exploring The Putrid Domain. This is a region where, by the end, I was able to find a large boss called the Abomination and defeat it. Upon defeating the creature, the final room contained the second Seeker Key.

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After this one, I had to travel to a different dungeon in my world and go to the Astropath’s Respite. Like the Putrid Domain, this was a structured dungeon with a definitive boss at the end of it. Upon defeating the boss in my world, the final room contained the third and last Seeker Key in Remnant 2, and I could return to the Threshold of the Unknown, and place them at the alter, opening the door to the final boss on N’Erud.

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When I rerolled a new world in Remnant 2, these were not the exact locations I had to explore to find other Seeker Keys. There were distinct similarities between my two worlds, but enough differences made it difficult to follow a similar path. However, the structure was the same, where the Seeker Keys would appear in dungeons, and I had to defeat bosses to find them.

You can expect an equal amount of exploration in Remnant 2 when trying to find these items. They’re a little tricky to nail down, but it all comes down to finding dungeons in your N’Erud world and bringing them back to the final gate, for the Custodian.

If you’re ever struggling to find the Seeker Keys in your Remnant 2 game, my best advice is to focus on tracking down the explorable areas and finding the dungeons to reach the boss at the end. If you’ve reached a boss, you’re on the correct path, and you need to find a way to defeat them and unlock the Seeker Key.