Remnant 2: Can You Unlock The Kitchen Doors In The Great Hall Dungeon

In Losomn’s Great Hall, players will find two locked doors in the kitchen. Can they be opened, and if so, how?

remnant 2 great hall kitchen locked doors

The Great Hall is a pretty straightforward dungeon in Remnant 2. You follow a linear path to the end, where you’ll find a circular key to unlock the boss door. And in classic Skyrim fashion, a convenient lift at the end loops you back to the beginning.

But what were those two locked doors in the kitchen where the key was found? The player hears screaming and wailing as if entire groups of people were being tortured, and Hunter archetypes can see there are two Heavy Fae on the other side. But can these doors be unlocked, and if so… how?

Can You Unlock the Doors in the Great Hall Kitchen?

Yes, you can unlock the doors in the Great Hall’s Kitchen, but not until after you’ve completed The Feast event.

When you first enter the kitchen, it’s assumed the doors are just set pieces, the wails foreshadowing the delectable Dran that are served during the event. But you can actually enter those prep rooms, see the source of the haunting screams, and even pick up a nice new axe.

How To Unlock The Great Hall Kitchen Doors

remnant 2 great hall dumbwaiter
Photo by Gamepur

First, you’ll need to return to the start of the dungeon, unlock the boss door, and complete The Feast event. If you’re struggling to clear the waves of enemies while battling your Ravenous urges, we’ve got a guide to help you out.

Once done, you can enter the dumbwaiters on the wall behind the Feastmaster. These are where the red consumable creatures emerged during the event. There is a dumbwaiter on the left and right side of the wall, each leading to a different room.

Inside each room is a Heavy Fae as well as several cages housing Dran hanging from the ceiling. In the left-most room, players can find the Bone Chopper axe.