Remnant 2: How To Beat The Feast Event, All Rewards

The Feast is one of Remnant 2’s random events that takes place in the Great Hall of the Losomn palace. Here’s how to beat it!

remnant 2 the feast event

The walls of the Losomn Palace in Remnant 2 are adorned with gold accents and tapestries, signifying the presence of a great king. And while the kingdom outside may be in ruin, the royal court celebrates the accomplishments of the Imposter King.

One of the king’s most enthusiastic supporters is The Feastmaster, a large eyeless man found inside the Great Hall dungeon. While he isn’t a boss himself, he occupies the room where The Feast event takes place. This grueling gauntlet constantly drains your health while throwing waves of enemies your way.

Here’s how to beat The Feast and the rewards you can reap thereafter.

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Remnant 2: The Feast Event Strategy Guide

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To start The Feast in the Great Hall, players need to eat any of the items on the table that are glowing red. This will give players the Ravenous status, which slowly depletes their health for the remainder of the event. It also renders healing items useless, so players will have to eat more spoiled food or any of the red creatures that come from the dumbwaiters to restore their health.

There are four waves of enemies that get progressively worse, each wave adding an enemy type into the mix. This can get incredibly overwhelming if you don’t deal with the enemies in the correct order. You need to take out the enemies in the order that they are added. See the table below:

Wave #EnemiesDefeat Order
1Ranged FaeRanged Fae
2Ranged Fae
Fae Soldier
Ranged Fae > Fae Soldier
3Ranged Fae
Fae Soldier
Lantern Horror
Ranged Fae > Fae Soldier > Lantern Horror
4Ranged Fae
Fae Soldier
Lantern Horror
Fae Painless
Ranged Fae > Fae Soldier > Lantern Horror > Fae Painless

The last phase is the hardest, but here’s how you should tackle the encounter. Start by killing all of the Ranged Fae as they enter the room. You don’t want to let them eat any of the red creatures, and you certainly don’t want to deal with their volley of flaming arrows. You should be able to deal with them before many of the other enemies spawn.

Continue moving around the room, stopping to eat food or people when necessary. Make sure to take out the Fae Soldiers next. There are two of them, and they can be really annoying when dealing with the two larger enemies.

All the while, keep an eye on the Lantern Horror. Getting hit by any of its projectiles is basically a game over, so dodge those and shoot it from afar while leading the Fae Painless around the room. Once the Lantern Horror is dealt with, it’s just a matter of healing and shooting until the mutilated warrior has fallen.

Remnant 2: The Feast Event Rewards

After the last enemy has been defeated, The Feastmaster will rejoice and reward you with the Neckbone Necklace. You can choose to leave after that, but there are a few more goodies lurking nearby. Here’s how to get them:

Neckbone NecklaceReduces the Damage of Status Effects applied to wearer by 50%. Gain 25% increased Damage when suffering from a Status Effect or BlightReward for completing The Feast event
Feastmaster’s SignetIncreases active Concoction Limit by 1.Located in a small room behind the fireplace on the righthand side of the Feast Room
Bone ChopperMelee Weapon – 58 DamageAfter the Feast Event, enter the leftmost dumbwaiter on the wall behind the Feastmaster