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Remnant 2 Players Discover The Backrooms Easter Eggs

Remnant 2 is full of surprises, including an easter egg for The Backrooms, a creepy internet rabbithole that's perfect for the universe.

Remnant 2 is absolutely packed with surprises players are just now discovering a day or so after its official release date. Amongst the secret classes and safe codes one player has found an interesting easter egg that hints at a link between the series and The Backrooms, a dimension made up of the stuff left over after our dimension was built.

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A Remnant 2 player has uncovered one of the strangest easter eggs in the game, a link to a dimension rumored to be where humans disappear when they glitch out of reality. The setting fits eerily well with the Remnant universe and has sparked a lore-based conversation among fans.

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Remnant 2 Easter Egg Links The Universe With The Backrooms

In Remnant 2, players battle through multiple worlds defeating enemies and bosses, with the worlds and enemies combining randomly to ensure every run feels fresh and new. This is all part of the game’s lore, with the worlds being mashed together for players to fight through being part of the story. In keeping with that lore, one player has found an easter egg for The Backrooms.

User VI-Pok3,who discovered the easter egg, posted it to the game’s Subreddit where players have started discussing the intricacies of the link. The easter egg itself is a picture of The Backrooms in the room where players first talk to Ford. It’s small, but it’s there and highly suggestive.

Fans love the idea of this dimension being in Remnant 2, “Well now I really want a backrooms world. Could you imagine what the devs could do with an area like that!” While their ideas for how it would work may need refining, everyone is keen for the link to be cemented in a future update or expansion.

The Backrooms is a meme or creepypasta that gained traction in the very early days of users sharing such things. The idea is that it’s the place where everything leftover from our dimension’s creation is held. The most iconic visual for it is a yellow corridor, a liminal space that’s slightly damp and where everything feels slightly off with holes or doors in ceilings and floors.

One player has come up with a solid lore-friendly explanation for the easter egg’s inclusion, “The devs probably put it in as an Easter egg cause in Remnant, we can also traverse different worlds and could end up in the “backrooms”.” It’s impressive that something as small as a photograph on a board most players won’t notice has sparked such a big conversation, a true testament to how dedicated the Remnant 2 player base is.

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