Remnant 2: How to Respec Your Character

You may want to reset your Trait Points and respec your character in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you how to do that.

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Changing up your character’s Traits and playing with your build is a fundamental part of Remnant 2. Not every trait works with each of the many Archetypes that you can find in the game, and your starting build for a campaign might not work with another. When this happens, you’ll need to respec your character to change things up.

There is a way to respec your character in Remnant 2, but you’ll need to go out of your way for this. You’ll also need to speak with a particular individual and make sure you have enough resources to pay for it. Here’s what you need to know about how to respec your character in Remnant 2.

Where to Respec Your Character & Reset Your Trait Points in Remnant 2

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You’ll have to visit the same person that you already visit to unlock your Archetypes or any new ones you’ve discovered while playing Remnant 2. This means you’ll need to make your way back to Ward 13 and speak with Wallace. When speaking with Wallace, they’re going to have a very limited vendor on them, and one of the few items you can buy from them is Orb of Undoing.

Outside of restarting an entirely new character, this is the only way to redo all of your trait points and put them in new locations. The Orb of Undoing respecs your character in Remnant 2, giving you back all of your spent Trait Points, and you can freely choose where to put them.

Thankfully, the cost for this item is relatively simple. It requires at least three Lumenite Crystals and 2,500 Scrap. The Scrap might take a bit of time to gather up in Remnant 2, but if you’re regularly playing through the game and seeking out fights, Scrap drops relatively often for you to have a good amount in your inventory.

You can visit Wallace and reset your Trait Points at any time in Remnant 2. I don’t recommend doing this until you’re confident in what Archetypes you want to give your character, typically during the start of a second playthrough.