Remnant 2: How to Unlock the Engineer Archetype – Alien Device Location

The Engineer is a difficult Archetype to track down in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you where you have to go to find it.

There are several Archetypes you can unlock in Remnant 2 after you begin adventuring in the game. You’re going to find several, but the way you unlock them is extremely unique, such as the Engineer Archetype.

The Engineer Archetype can appear on N’Erud, one of the handful of biomes you can find. It should appear for every biome roll for N’Erud, and the way you go about tracking it down can take a good amount of time. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Engineer Archetype and where you can find the Alien Device in Remnant 2.

Where to Unlock the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

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I have been able to confirm that you can track down the Engineer Archetype by exploring N’Erud in Remnant 2. When you get to this location, it’s all about taking the most dangerous route possible and searching the outskirts of the fog of the second area. The fog is perilous because as your character gets close, they begin vomiting and building up the Poison status effect.

This second area will vary depending on the world you’ve rolled for N’Erud. For my Remnant 2 game, it was The Eon Vault, and for others, it might be the Timeless Horizon. It’s one of those two areas, and when you arrive, make your way to a location known as Titan’s Reach. For my playthrough, it is close to the north side of The Eon Vault.

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While at the Titan’s Reach location, it’s all about searching the outskirts of the fog and trying to notice a body. The dead body you’re looking for will contain a pile of armor. A good way some players have located this body is by having the Explorer Archetype equipped, which everyone can earn by completing the campaign for the first time. A problem with this is by trying to reach the item ping ability it has, and that only unlocks at level 10.

It is important to note that you will die if the Poison bar at the bottom of your screen fills up while searching the fog. This can be a challenge for many people playing Remnant 2, but the Explorer makes it easier to narrow down the dead Engineer’s exact location on the map’s outskirts, which means the Alien Device is nearby.

Where to Find the Alien Device in Remnant 2

The really difficult part is finding the Alien Device. This is the primary reason you’re out here searching for that dead body on the outskirts of the fog in Remnant 2, and it is what you need to unlock the Engineer Archetype. You can only find this shortly after locating the dead Engineer’s body, and dropping down below. You’ll find an Alien Device on the ground, which is the primary prize and the real reason you want to track down this incredibly dangerous location.

The exact location will vary for each player as this appears to be different and randomized each time, but it should follow the same format.

After you have the Alien Device, bring it back to Ward 13, and you can now unlock the Engineer Class in Remnant 2. Like the Handler, the Engineer has a “pet” like a companion, a turret, and you can use it to help you carve through the enemies of everything you’re fighting against.