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Remnant 2: How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13

Ford has locked box in his office in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you where to find the combination to unlock it.

Ford is one of the first characters you meet when playing Remnant 2, and he uses the Red Crystal to unlock the various worlds, vanishing at the start. Although he’s gone for now, everyone continues to talk about him, and if you visit his office, there’s a locked chest that you can find on the floor. The only way to unlock this chest is with a specific combination.

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Unfortunately, Ford never personally told you what the combination is, and you’ll need to figure it out if you want to open up the box to find what’s inside it. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Ford’s Chest in Ward 13 while playing Remnant 2 and how to find the combination.

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Where is Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2?

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You should have no issue finding Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2, as it’s located right inside his room which you will visit in the early stages of the game. In case you do happen to miss it, or get forgetful, you can find Ford’s room in the warehouse in Ward 13 by going up the stairs on the outside and following them up and around.

You’ll see his room on the left-hand side, and as you enter, turn to your right and you’ll see the chest in front of you.

What is Ford’s Chest Combination in Remnant 2

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When you attempt to interact with Ford’s Chest inside of his room in Remnant 2, you’ll get a close-up of the four-digit combination you need to enter to unlock it. I spent an unreasonable amount of time searching the present room to track it down, and I can confirm the exact combination is not there.

I checked the side of the walls, zoomed in on Ford’s various maps on his wall, and tried to figure out what the four digits could be. I even attempted to try and brute force my way into opening the combination lock, but that took too long, and then I became frustrated with the situation. Before returning to this puzzle, I had to explore the rest of Remnant 2 and get some of the frustration out of my system.

I had to think back to all our time with Ford and what he had done so far. He had such a short, small presence in the game it was hard to think about if there was something he did to share that combination lock potentially. It then dawned on me he did give one item at the beginning of the game: the Flashlight. You can go into your inventory to find it and flip it over.

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Upon flipping it over, the exact combination is shared, and this does open up Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2. It might be a little difficult to read, but the code you need to input is 0415. I did this again on another character to see if it was the same combination, so this should work for everyone.

Inside Ford’s Chest is a key, the Cargo Container Key. This left another mystery for you to find in Remnant 2, but thankfully this one is much easier than it was to unlock this chest. You can find the door to open on the other side of Ward 13. After unlocking the room, there’s a handgun on the table that you can grab, the MP60-R, a medium-range handgun with a large magazine, perfect for anyone who needs a high-powered handgun on their character.

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