Remnant 2: Should You Kill the Doe, The Ravager, or Both? – All Rewards

The Doe is a spiritual animal you’ll find on Yaesha in Remnant 2, and this guide shows if you should kill or save it.

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When visiting Yaesha in Remnant 2, there’s a chance you’ll encounter the corrupted Wolf, also known as the Ravager and the Doe of that world. These two are bound to one another, and in the first game, Remnant: From the Ashes, the Ravager was supposedly eliminated. However, it’s returned, and it is now corrupted by the Root.

Using the Root, the Ravager has captured the Doe and gives you a choice. You can choose to pull out your weapon and use it against the Doe, or you can choose to Revive. The option is yours, and this is one you can’t take back after you’ve made it. However, even if you decide to fight the Ravager, there’s a chance the Doe still might not make it when you defeat the Corrupted Ravager. Here’s what you need to know about whether you should kill or revive the Doe in Remnant 2.

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What Happens If You Kill the Doe in Remnant 2

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The easier and quicker option you can make in Remnant 2 is to kill the Doe. All you have to do for this decision is to take out a weapon of your choosing and attack the Doe. It should only take one hit. It will immediately perish, and the corrupted Ravager will howl joyfully at its demise.

The rewards you get for taking out the Doe are a trait point, the main quest item called Strong Object, and an amulet, the Ravager’s Mark, which gives you the passive of “Increasing all damage dealt to Bleeding targets by 20%”. The bonus increases to 30% for targets with 50% or lower Health. In addition to this item, a Blood Moon appears in the region connecting to the Lost Temple, where you killed the Doe, and many surrounding areas, making it much easier to collect the Blood Moon Essence on Yaesha.

The balance of this world is broken, though. The Ravager is free to kill as much as it wants on Yaesha in Remnant 2; none of the life can be replaced by the Doe, upsetting it.

What Happens If You Revive the Doe in Remnant 2

Alternatively, you can choose to shoot the Corrupted Ravager instead, and a boss fight will occur with this creature. The Corrupted Ravager is a tough battle, where it is rampaging throughout the entire arena the two of you had been talking in, with the Doe on the other side of the room. This boss battle might take you a few attempts in Remnant 2, but you can always return to it again if you feel that this fight is too overpowering.

However, three different outcomes can occur if you choose to fight against the Corrupted Ravager. The first outcome when you choose to battle against the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 is for the Doe to remain alive. If you keep the Doe alive after defeating the Corrupted Ravager, you’ll receive the Broken Antler as a reward.

This is harder than it sounds because there’s a good chance the Ravager might find an opportunity to take out the Doe, or you might have a stray attack hitting them. It’s a tough balance during this intense Remnant 2 boss battle, but it is possible for the Doe to live.

What Happens If Take Out The Doe & Ravager in Remnant 2

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The next two outcomes revolve around taking out both the Doe and the Ravager in Remnant 2. These two have the chance to both perish, but they have to die in a specific order for certain rewards. For example, when battling against the Ravager, he eats or kills the Doe during the battle, and you’ll receive the Crimson Membrane, which is what I received when I first battled against this creature.

Alternatively, during the fight against the Corrupted Ravager, there’s an opportunity where you can take out the Doe instead, defeating both the Doe and the Corrupted Ravager. You’ll receive the Ravager’s Maw, which unlocks the Feral Judgement melee weapon.

Regardless of what happens when battling the Corrupted Ravager, you’ll receive a Trait Point and the Strange Object main quest item at the end of it. It’s important to note that at any point in your Remnant 2 campaign, you can choose to reroll your world. You can do this at any of the crystal checkpoints in your game.

I recommend choosing this option after you’ve made one of these decisions and then picking to go with the other. Rerolling a world resets your campaign progress, but everything for your character remains the same, which means you can see both decisions on the same character.