Remnant: From the Ashes – Alternative Boss Kill Guide


Some of the bosses in Remnant: From The Ashes have hidden mechanics or a unique method to kill them. If you pull it off, you get an alternative item and the standard item for the kill. In this guide, we run through the currently known alternative boss kill methods, and any hidden mechanics.

Remnant: From the Ashes – Alternative Boss Kill Guide


  • Ent – Destroy the big tree’s legs.
  • Singe – Destroy the tail before it dies.
  • Brabus – Kill a friend if you are in coop mode to get a new trait. You can also trade a Pocket Watch before the fight if you have one.


  • Maul (The Pack) – Shoot the Caster in the head, this causes the boss to target him.
  • Claviger – Defeat him before he can absorb any other enemies.
  • Harrow – Shoot the legs repeatedly to stagger him. When he falls over, run behind him and interact with his back to get a weapon.


  • Ixillus – Defeat both bosses at the same time so that one of them cannot go into an Enraged state.


  • Totem Father – Interact with the Totem before the boss area. Blue gets you a gun. Red gets you a spear.
  • The Ravager – Play the lullaby to cause the boss to sleep.

Many members of the Remnant community collected this information. They compiled the information on a Community Spreadsheet. The Community Spreadsheet is filled with all sorts of useful information about the bosses and is well worth a read if you are enjoying the game.