Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Gorefist

Gorefist is a tough first boss in Remnant: From The Ashes, but he is also reasonably simple to beat. Once you get over the panic of finding yourself in a boss fight and accept the fact that Gorefist hits like a truck, you can get down to the task at hand.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Gorefist

Gorefist Lord of the Cesspool

Now, your class won’t matter all that much when you are fighting Gorefist. His melee does so much damage to you, and your melee does so little damage to him, that the best tactic is to keep your distance and use your ranged weapons.

Gorefist doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. He swings that big blade at you and tries to take you apart with it. He will rush you to close the distance, but he doesn’t have any surprises in store for you. Most of the awkwardness in this fight comes from the smaller monsters that rush the room and explode on you.

When the fight starts, don’t rush Gorefist, instead move into the room to your right. It’s a large room, with some good obstacles to put between you and Gorefist. It also doesn’t spawn any smaller monsters, and instead, they have to come to you. If you pay attention to the audio, you will hear a strange high pitched whine as they come close to you. Just pick them off from range, or time your rolls to avoid the explosions. It is worth noting that causing them to explode near Gorefist doesn’t seem to do much if any, damage to him, but it will stagger him.

All you need to do is put damage into Gorefist when you can, generate space between you and him, and time your dodges. Your blessed I-frames will completely nullify his sword, so when he gets close dodge, then sprint away to create distance. Put some obstacle between you to force him to pick a route, then put damage into him.

If you need to heal, pick your window carefully. Some of the ways to heal can take a little time, and Gorefist might be on top of you before the animation is finished.

If you decide you are under-leveled, there is no harm in grinding up some upgrades for your weapons and armor, and maybe some Traits points for your character. Patience is the key to this fight; don’t overextend and keep your eyes and ears open for those smaller monsters.